Will Suri Cruise follow in her famous parents’ footsteps and become an actress?

Many famous faces in Hollywood have extremely talented offspring. Even if they don’t have any special talents, the children of famous actors and musicians attract attention for their genetics alone. But many celebrity children find themselves in the spotlight by choice, whether they decide to start a music career like their dad (like Willow and Jaden Smith) or a modeling career like their mom (Heidi Klum’s daughter Leni). .

One high-profile celebrity approaching legal working age is Suri Cruise, who looks more like her famous actress mother as she gets older. With his mother immersed in the theater (Katie almost landed a role in Orange is the New Blackbut hadn’t appeared in any huge hits for a while), fans are wondering if Suri will join them.


Does Suri Cruise want to act?

When Suri Cruise was born, fans of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were thrilled. Two talented actors would undoubtedly produce a very talented child together. And over the years, Suri was a magnet for the paparazzi, with people clamoring for snaps of the adorable toddler.

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Although the Cruise family is relatively private, Suri clearly got used to being photographed and didn’t seem too upset by all the attention. Still, fewer photos were taken of her after Tom and Katie split, but it was clear that Suri spent most of her time with her mother.

The couple were still involved in Hollywood, with Suri often making public appearances with Katie. The two are frequently spotted in New York, but it doesn’t look like they’re headed to auditions. On the contrary, it seems that they simply live life.

Suri has some acting credits to her name

Suri has some acting credits on his CV IMDb already, although most are as herself or in archive footage. His only acting credit dates from 2013 in the film Oversight. The film was of course directed by her father Tom and Suri played his daughter.

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It was a small role, however, and didn’t seem to lead to any more gigs. The film was also released the year after Suri’s parents’ divorce was finalized; there were rumors that Tom didn’t stay involved with Suri after the split.

This suggests that if Tom had wanted to keep having Suri appear in his films, Katie might have had some objections if this was the only time Tom spent with his youngest child.

Anyway, Suri didn’t have any acting credit after that movie role, which could also suggest that she didn’t enjoy the process or maybe wasn’t interested. to play first.

Although her name already has enough power to fuel a career in Hollywood, it seems unlikely that Suri will want to continue acting in earnest. Yet Suri has had some involvement in the entertainment side of things.

It was recently revealed that Suri sang in her mother’s movie alone together. In the R-rated film, Katie Holmes plays a food critic who double-books at an AirBnB with a stranger.

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Suri’s role is as a performer of the song “Blue Moon”, a song which is featured on the film’s soundtrack. Although she undoubtedly enjoyed working with her mother on the film, Suri did not play a significant role in the film.

Does Suri have a future in the music industry?

Assuming Suri was a good singer, which she probably had to be to get the gig – even if her mother did write and direct the film – the role could lead to more work in music in the future.

In fact, in an interview, Katie revealed that Suri’s voice will also be featured in her film. Rare Items (although IMDb does not show credit for the film under Cruise’s name).

Holmes also suggested that Suri’s singing talent shows promise; she said, “I always want the highest level of talent, so I asked her.”

Wouldn’t it be interesting if the daughter of one of Hollywood’s most famous former couples, including one of the greatest actors of all time, became a successful singer before she even graduated from terminal?

Of course, Holmes said his teenage daughter, aside from lending her voice to some projects, is just a “high school kid.” So maybe Suri’s path isn’t as clear as fans would assume, given her talent and family background.

Whatever she ends up doing, it’s obvious she’ll have her mother’s full support, though her father doesn’t seem to have publicly endorsed any particular career path since Suri was a toddler.

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