With boozy Brits staying away, there’s never been a better time to visit Europe’s stag party capital

Max Munson, founder of Jama, a bar near Wenceslas Square specializing in Western dishes such as ribs and fries, also sold his creation – but not for lack of business.

Jama is still recommended by Praguepissup.com and still hosts bachelor parties, he says, but that’s still a compromise with the needs of the dedicated bar dwellers. “I’ve always tried to keep bands in the back rooms so they don’t disrupt the vibe of the other clientele,” the Chicago native explains.

Gourmet beer parties are part of life, he adds. “The bachelor parties are back now to some extent. But that seems down from before.

Peace won’t last forever

Katerina Hix, a veteran of Prague’s tourism sector, notes that authorities have struggled for years over what to do with raucous revelers in the normally quiet center of town – but their public pronouncements have come to little fruition. thing. “It’s just Czech tradition to declare goals and then take a step back.” Noise reduction is certainly appreciated by locals, she adds, but it has happened. But she believes the deer will definitely return in droves – it’s just a matter of when.

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