Woman allows campers to stay in her backyard – but admits there are hard times

A woman says she lets campers stay in her back yard – but admits there were a few rough spots along the way.

The Liverpool mother-of-three rented out her garden on a popular ‘almost wild camping’ platform.

She confided in Daily Express about what it was like.

The concept is essentially a back garden version of Airbnb.

The woman, who says she “also does Airbnb,” said she had started renting out her garden because there weren’t many places to camp where she lives.

She said: “I started doing this because there is nowhere to camp in Liverpool. You know people travel across the UK and then you get into the towns and there is no there’s nowhere to go. “

The concept is essentially a back garden version of Airbnb

However, the owner admits that the business hasn’t really been booming.

She added, “I’ve had a few people over the years but not that many. About 15 bands, that’s it.

“The last ones were all international people. Very rarely were they English.”

La Scouser said she got the idea to do it after seeing an article in the newspaper about how to make some extra money.

And despite the fact that she likes a full house, she admits that some campers over the years have been “a bit of a pain.”

Using tents for camping in a garden
She admits there were some rough times along the way

In particular, one group forgot their tent.

She said: “I had a group of four guys with no tent and they were a bit of a pain.

“I think they knew they were supposed to bring one. But of course I had to let them in and sleep in the living room.”

Another struggled to make the payment for the campsite, but the woman said she let it slip.

She added: “There was a guy who was leaving Liverpool airport in the morning and just needed a place to stay.

“I think back then it was £ 7 a night but he struggled to get that £ 7 for me and in the end I just said ‘Oh, forget that’.”

Although people stay in the garden, the Scouser says she continues to use it herself.

She admitted that she once had 20 friends in the garden eating while a couple said in their tent reading.

The woman said her friends were bewildered, asking “Who are these people?”

The lady says her sons aren’t fans of the campsite either, but earned them by sharing all the winnings with them over Christmas.

However, with Covid, she admits she hasn’t had anyone to stay for a year and a half and instead had a tenant in the meantime.

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