Woman becomes engaged to Airbnb host 26 years her senior after whirlwind romance

A nanny for children who fell head over heels in love with her Airbnb host – despite their 26-year age gap – got engaged three months after the whirlwind romance began.

Angie Lucas had been single for three years when she began to lose hope of finding her soul mate.

Then, in July, Angie, from North Fort Myers, Florida, United States, booked a stay at a property owned by Dennis Weisse, 67, using the Airbnb rental app to celebrate her 40th birthday.

Mistakenly believing that she was planning to throw a party, which would have broken the rules of Covid-19, he initially rejected her request – but once he realized his mistake, he allowed her to stay, surprising her even with birthday presents, cupcakes and tequila.

As they bonded with their love of hip hop and old school rock, they soon realized that, despite an age gap of over a quarter of a century, they had a lot in common.

A whirlwind romance followed, with former UPS driver Dennis proposing to nanny Angie at sunset in September, just three months after they met.

She said: “I was starting to lose hope of ever meeting the love of my life.

“It might sound cheesy, but Dennis has transformed my life and he treats me like a princess.”

Angie, whose father is 63 and mother 59, said her family supported her decision – and joked with Dennis’ son, 33, that he was closer to him than his fiancé .

The birthday surprise set up for Angie

Responding to love criticism of the age gap, she said, “I would just say ‘live and let live’.

“If you find someone you love who is much older or much younger than you, as long as you don’t hurt anyone else and it’s consensual and you love yourself, you should never let age get in the way of the truth. happiness and luck of love.

For the four years leading up to meeting Dennis, Angie had lived only half an hour away in the nearby Lehigh Acres neighborhood, though their paths never crossed.

Their lives changed forever this summer when, unable to host a traditional birthday party due to Covid-19 restrictions, she booked a two-night solo stay at her Airbnb.

“It was actually my first time using Airbnb,” she added.

Misinterpreting her post, in which she explained that it was her 40th, Dennis thought Angie was planning to hold a rally, so he initially rejected her request.

She explained, “I wrote a very chatty greeting message for Dennis and told him it was my birthday.

“But he misunderstood and thought I was planning to throw a party, which I wasn’t – I’m very careful with Covid – so he turned my request down.”


Realizing his mistake, Dennis called Angie the next day to apologize – hoping to convince her to come on his trip as planned.

“I said I got it and was okay with the rejection, but he was so friendly and so outgoing and gregarious. We had a great conversation,” Angie continued.

“In the end, he kindly spoke to me and convinced me to continue the journey.”

In another twist of fate, Dennis wasn’t even supposed to be in the state at the time of Angie’s visit.

How Airbnb works means that hosts don’t always stay at the property with their guests. Some rent entire houses, while others offer a private bedroom.

In Dennis’ case, he intended to be in Colorado, nearly 3,000 miles away, which meant Angie would have the place to herself.

But when a couple who were looking after the property in Florida had to leave unexpectedly, they had no choice but to go home and make sure the house was ready for their arrival.

And to make sure she has the best birthday possible, he even gave her a special surprise.

He said: “Due to all the confusion with the site, I wanted to do something really cool for his birthday.

“I asked the couple who ran the property to arrange balloons, birthday banner, card, cupcakes and tequila on the kitchen counter before they left.”


He added, “If they hadn’t left, I would never have come back to Florida, so I would never have met Angie in person. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

When Angie arrived on July 8 – the eve of her 40th birthday – she was blown away by the gesture.

That night, Dennis returned from Colorado and the couple spent the evening chatting, getting along immediately.

Dennis stayed in his bedroom, while Angie slept in one of the spare bedrooms on the other side of the house.

She said she was “a little nervous” that he would be there for her stay, but because of the “wonderful phone call” they had shared before, she already felt comfortable with it. him.

Angie said: “The next morning – my 40th birthday – we had coffee and he made me breakfast. We drank champagne mimosas on the terrace of his swimming pool.

Angie and Denis

She said: “The conversation just got easier and more relaxed. Despite our age difference, it is very easy to get along and talk to each other.

On July 10, she returned home to Lehigh Acres with thoughts of Dennis in mind. Angie, whose biggest age gap in a relationship was five years, said she “knew 100%” that there was a romantic spark between them.

Three days later, she returned to North Fort Myers to stay with him for a few days – and their relationship quickly grew.

“We quickly started to fall in love and became fundamentally inseparable,” Angie said.

Their first moment of intimacy sealed the deal for Dennis. He said: “We were floating in the pool and our first kiss was in the water. Once again, the light bulb went out and it was a kiss like no other.

And in early September, Dennis invited Angie to move in with him.

Dennis giving Angie his key when he asked her to move in

She added, “He gave me a key and even knelt down to give it to me.

“Living together is good. Dennis always cooks great meals for me. We make each other laugh and we love each other.

As their relationship grew stronger, Dennis took things to the next level on September 11, when he knelt a second time and asked Angie to marry him on a trip to Isle of Man. Captiva, 45 minutes from North Fort Myers. on the Gulf of Mexico.

She remembers: “We had dinner in a fancy restaurant, then afterwards he knelt down again to propose the wedding with a magnificent sunset in the background.

“It was so romantic.”

It wasn’t a big shock to Angie – as they talked about getting married at the end of July and picked the ring together a few days before the engagement.

She said: “It wasn’t a big surprise – but it was a wonderful, wonderful time.”

Now the couple, whose family and friends are thrilled for them, are planning an intimate wedding ceremony next year.

Reflecting on her incredible romance, Angie can’t believe what was meant to be a quiet birthday changed her life so drastically.

She concluded: “I could never have imagined that I would fall in love with my Airbnb host. My life has been totally transformed.

Angie and Denis

Echoing the feelings of his bride-to-be, Dennis, who had been single for four and a half years before meeting Angie, admitted he had his heart to her before they even met.

He said: “I kept staring at his picture on his profile on the Airbnb app. I was looking at him four or five times a day, blowing him up to see every inch of his face. There was something at her house, and I just couldn’t get her out of my head.

Now Angie is helping Dennis with his Airbnb reservations by preparing the house for guests – and she loves telling them how they met. She said: “People really appreciate our story. They love it. “

While Angie is content with not having children, she is happy to be a grandmother if Dennis’ son ever has a family.

She said: “It could happen again, and it would be wonderful if it did.”

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