Woman finds secret note hidden in bed frame at AirBnB

A woman was stunned when she stayed at an AirBnB and discovered a secret letter hidden inside the bed frame.

Explaining what happened in a TikTok video, @shawna_morris swivels the camera to show the “cute little cabin” she and her boyfriend rented for their getaway to Vermont.

Shawna then points to the bed and a brass cap has been removed from one of the bed’s four posts.

The TikTok user explained, “I noticed it wasn’t solid and, look, there’s a note!”

Zooming in, she points to a letter stuck in the hollow post of the bed, just below, and then tries to fish it out with a stick.

Eventually, she is able to grab the note and takes a picture of it so people can see what she is saying.

The note was hidden inside the cabin bed

It reads: “For anyone who finds this note,

“We stumbled across this loose cap all the way to the end of the bed and like all adventurous college kids, we thought it would be smart to drop a note to the next pals who found the hiding place.

“Tonight we’re eating steaks, sweet potatoes, asparagus and onions… oh eggplant too!

“We got ourselves some Budlight and we have a cool night.”

The mysterious note is signed by: “Isn’t that a great cabin! Have fun, stay awake, love Wendy.”

The note was hidden in the bed
The note was hidden in the bed

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Shawna said it wasn’t a “hidden treasure” or anything really “mysterious”, but still thought it was a “cute little note”.

She then matched the handwriting to an entry in the January 19, 2020 guestbook and said, “Wendy, if you see that, thank you for making my trip even more interesting.”

The video has been watched over 2.8 million times on the app and people said it has definitely made it a tradition by adding another note.

One person said: “I already know that Wendy is someone I would like to relax with.”

Another person wrote: “It’s cool even though it’s like Geocache!” “

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