Woman in a romantic ‘trouple’ wants to wed her fiancé and her former college flame

Angel Bailey and Tyler Hays started dating in 2018 after meeting on Tinder, but have since opened up about their relationship and invited Sam Vick to share their life – and possibly their marriage

Throuple Angel Bailey, Tyler Hays and Sam Vick

A woman in a “trouple” wants to marry both her fiancé and an old flame from college.

Angel Bailey, 26, and Tyler Hays, 29, started dating in June 2018 after meeting on Tinder.

The couple invited Sam Vick, an old flame of Angel’s from college, into their relationship in April last year.

Angel and Sam, 23, had shared a unique kiss after meeting in college.

Their affair was rekindled at a festival and they became intimate with Tyler in May 2019.

They decided to become a group as their feelings grew and became involved in a relationship between the three of them.

The ‘troupe’ agreed to get in a relationship after Angel and Sam started kissing at a festival



They dated twice when they first met, but couldn’t make it last more than two weeks.

surrey live reports that they decided to give their relationship another shot in April 2021 and have now invited Sam to move in.

Despite the three-way relationship, Angel and Tyler are getting married in May 2022, but hopefully it will also be possible for Sam to marry them in the future.

Angel, a bank mortgage warehouse operations specialist from Arkansas, USA, said: “The three of us went to the festival and just with the music and maybe a little booze, Sam and I just started kissing.

“And then Tyler said, ‘Well, that’s pretty cool. “It kind of grew from there.

The trio fell in love and now they are moving in together and want a three-way marriage



“We were scared to open up to each other, it’s intimidating to add a whole other person in your life that you can rely on. I was selfish but got over my jealousy.

“Now they’re on dates, we’re on dates, and the three of us are on dates.”

Angel and Sam were friends during their college years – the friendship started when Angel invited Sam to a party and the girls kissed but remained platonic.

Sam, a bank clerk from Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA, said: “We were both exploring our sexuality at this point and starting to learn that we didn’t just like kissing girls when we were drunk.”

After meeting on Tinder, Angel and Tyler had always talked about being open to trying new things in their relationship.

Angel and Tyler are getting married this month, but hopefully it will be possible for Sam to marry them in the future too



In May 2019, Angel, Tyler and Sam went to Hangout Festival in Alabama, USA as part of a large group of friends.

The trio separated from the group to go watch another group.

Drunk and rekindling their old flame, Angel and Sam started having fun – Tyler joined in and things moved on when they got back to the Airbnb.

Tyler, a ramp agent, from Memphis, Tennessee, USA, said: “We thought it was a unique thing.” Angel added, “But we’ve all had feelings.”

Things haven’t always been easy for the couple of three, they tried dating twice two years ago but couldn’t make it last more than two weeks.

Angel said: “I had never dated girls before, so it was hard to discern friendship feelings from relationship feelings.

The polyamorous trio tried to date twice but couldn’t make it last more than two weeks



“I knew it was different because I felt bad when she wasn’t with me, and I missed her the way you miss a partner.

“For Sam, it was difficult to join Tyler and I who had already been settled for a year.”

In April 2021, the trio decided to give her a shot at a relationship together.

At first, Tyler struggled to fit two girlfriends around his work schedule and Angel struggled to see Sam with her boyfriend.

Angel said: “I thought, ‘Oh, I have two relationships, I can be with Tyler and I can be with Sam,’ but I never thought of Tyler and Sam together or us as one big relationship.

“I was selfish but I got over my jealousy. But now we all go on dates.

“Sam and Tyler are going to the zoo while I’m working.”

Sam currently lives an hour and a half drive from Tyler and Angel, so he’s only with them three days a week.

But in April 2022, Sam took the plunge to move into the couple’s two-bedroom home in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

The three have never lived together for more than three days in a row but are looking forward to being together.

Angel said: “Sam and I will be bed sharing Monday through Friday while Tyler is at work, he’s sleeping in another room.

In the bedroom, often they don’t all have sex together, but they take turns.

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