Woman Makes “Scary” Discovery While Exploring the Basement of Her Airbnb: “You All Have to Go”

A TikTok user recounted her “scary” experience staying in an Airbnb with an abandoned mall in her basement.

Weird finds like this aren’t new to TikTok. For months, users have been sharing their strangest finds – including odd-themed rooms in hotels, “spooky” stairs in homes for sale, and “secret” doors in their apartments.

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This latest discovery, from a user named Claire (@ claire.scheulin), is of an entirely different magnitude. In a video that now has nearly 6 million views, TikToker showed off its “sketchy” Airbnb.

“POV: Your Airbnb has an abandoned mall in the basement,” Claire wrote in the clip.

From there, Claire made a brief viewing tour. According to her TikTok account, she was staying in an apartment above a now vacant mall. TikTokers quickly responded by calling the clip “spooky” and like “something out of a horror movie.”

“I’m having chills,” one user wrote.

“I have a bad feeling about this place, you all have to go,” added another.

One user, named Josh, responded by claiming that he also stayed in the condos.

“Basically the place was so run down and sketchy,” Josh said in his clip.

Neither user gave the exact name of the place, but many reviewers have claimed it was likely a hotel in Hollywood, Florida. If so, then it seems possible that Claire and Josh stayed above the Oceanwalk Mall.

The Oceanwalk Mall, now an abandoned “dead mall”, is located directly on Hollywood Beach. Although it’s permanently closed, the old mall sits under a cluster of still open condos and rooms.

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