Woman renovates old pickup truck into a great motorhome and explains how

A full-time traveler shared how she turned an old pickup truck into a beautiful house on wheels.

Hatti Webster lived in Bristol for five years before moving in April this year to travel around France in her motorhome.

Speaking to Vehicle Contracts, the 27-year-old explained: “After college I bought my first van, refurbished it and traveled around Europe for a summer in 2016. It’s is when I caught the virus!

“I knew after that, that one day I would convert another van and continue the adventures, but at the time I was broke and had no idea what work I wanted to do,” he said. she declared.

“I started working in Marketing in Bristol and absolutely fell in love with this career so after a few years of working I started saving again.

“I had actually originally planned to move to Canada and buy a van there, but when Covid hit that plan quickly evaporated. So I decided to buy a van in the UK , renovate it at my parents’ house and start exploring Europe. “

Hatti bought his current van in September 2020 and immediately started renovating it.

She said: “I didn’t have the biggest budget for the conversion so I had to settle for a slightly older van with higher mileage.

“Traveling in my previous van helped me tremendously in designing this one, I knew there were certain elements that I absolutely couldn’t live without and so I created the layout based on those characteristics.

“The main features of the van include a double bed in the width direction, a permanent seating area with a sliding table, a sink and a kitchen unit with a refrigerator and a three-burner hob. I also built a composting toilet that fits under the bed.

The van has a double bed in width

“I tried to use lightweight materials when building the van to keep the weight to a minimum, so the majority of the units are built from plywood, the pine siding walls and the ceiling – my favorite part – are made from plywood. red cedar.

“I opted for a blend of recycled bottle wool and Celotex insulation, which was then covered with a layer of bubble wrap to act as a vapor barrier.”

The van itself cost £ 5,000 and Hatti spent an additional £ 5,000 on the construction.

Hatti says she actually made a profit by refurbishing her engine: “Vans of a similar age and build cost around £ 14,000-18,000 in the UK at the moment. “

“I am currently in France and have spent a lot of time exploring the French Alps (I am passionate about skiing, snowboarding and hiking) but plan to head south, Spain and Portugal this summer.

“There is so much to explore in Europe and I’m in no rush, so I plan to travel slowly and spend my winters in the mountains and my summers catching waves on the beaches.”

Robert Harris, Sales Director at Vehicle Contracts, said: “Being able to turn what used to be an old pickup truck into something extraordinary is truly remarkable and very inspiring.

Hatti bought the van for £ 5,000
Hatti bought the van for £ 5,000

“In the current travel climate we will see many UK motorists taking road trips for their holidays this year. What better way to see the wonderful sites we have here in Britain than in your own motorhome? It also means not having to succumb to inflated hotel prices, ”said Robert.

Here’s how to recreate the look in five steps.

1. Embrace nature with rustic textures

Hatti wanted a rustic and cozy look
Hatti wanted a rustic and cozy look

Hatti has perfectly blended earthy tones in his interior design to create a calm and peaceful space for living.

“I tried to go for a rustic and comfortable look with the van,” she told Vehicle Contracts.

Adding rustic textures in the van is a great way to impact the space by combining the look while being fashionable.

2. Furnish with warm sunset hues

Hatti used yellows, oranges and rusty reds for the upholstery
Hatti used yellows, oranges and rusty reds for the upholstery

“I love a sunset color scheme, so I mostly used yellows, oranges, and rusty reds for the upholstery,” Hatti said.

Including warm sunset hues in the design is a great way to keep this space bright and bright while adding character and life to your new motorhome.

It’s important to make the vehicle feel right at home when you are on the road and not just a place to sleep when you go on an adventure.

3. Use copper accents

Add copper touches
Add copper touches

Adding touches of copper is an easy way to add glamorous accents to a room.

You can instantly enhance the interior by adding trendy and modern finishes such as copper.

“I used brushed copper details – the handles, the spice rack, the cabinet knobs, etc. Hatti explained.

4. Widen the space with white paint

Hatti wanted a rustic and cozy look
Hatti wanted a rustic and cozy look

You can make a space bigger by painting the walls white or a very light color.

Lighting up a dark space will allow light to reflect back into the room and, in turn, make it appear much larger.

“I whitewashed the walls to keep some of the natural texture of the wood underneath,” Hatti said.

5. Add your own touch with artwork

Hatti whitewashed the walls
Hatti whitewashed the walls

Stunning prints can transform the space into a home by adding personal style.

“I also put together a few of my favorite surf illustrations from a Cornish artist to make the space a little more interesting.”

Why not create your own work of art to cut costs and make the place your own?

Breakdown of costs for renovation

£ 600: Windows (five windows including the skylight)

£ 850: Electricity (full electrical system including leisure battery)

£ 900: Kitchen appliances (fridge, hob, sink, faucet, water tanks)

£ 900: Mechanical – winter tires, new brake pads, etc.

£ 1,750: Materials and miscellaneous

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