Woman Says American Airlines Lost Track Of Her 2 Cats In Flight

  • Ariel Dale told TikTok that American Airlines lost track of her cats on a flight.
  • Dale said staff couldn’t find the cats after landing at JFK Airport in New York City.
  • American Airlines told Insider in a statement that Dale has since found his cats.
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A woman said American Airlines lost track of her two cats on a flight from Los Angeles to New York.

Ariel Dale, a voice actress and singer with 56,000 subscribers on TikTok, first spoke about her experience in a video released Sunday that has more than 3.8 million views. She captioned the video, “It’s actually my worst nightmare. They’ve been in the kennel for over 14 hours already because their flight was canceled.”

Dale, who was moving to New York for her graduate studies and wanted to bring her two cats, Stevie Nicks and Mr. Tumnus, told Insider that American Airlines was the only airline she had found to offer non-stop flights to his cats. She said in a TikTok video that because her cats, who are rescued, worry with other people, she chose not to take them on a commercial flight with other passengers.

On the left, Ariel Dale in a TikTok with the caption "American Airlines lost my cats ... No one can tell me where they are." Right, a photo of her two cats, Mr. Tumnus and Stevie Nicks.

Dale and his two cats, Mr. Tumnus and Stevie Nicks.

Ariel Dale / Getty Images

Dale told Insider she plans to go the distance, but thinks it would be “too stressful to have them sit in a car for 12 hours a day and then introduce them to a new Airbnb every night. “.

Dale followed up on his TikTok with three videos explaining the storyline.

Dale said in a video that when she arrived at the Los Angeles airport, American Airlines gave her the wrong drop-off location for her cats, which she said almost caused her to miss her flight.

After boarding, she received a text that her cats’ flight had been delayed and then it was canceled, she said. They were eventually booked for another flight, but the rescheduled flight was also delayed, she said.

Dale said in another video that after landing in New York City, she contacted an American Airlines spokesperson who assured her the two cats were well taken care of.

Ariel Dale in TikTok videos including a screenshot of an email from a freight worker apologizing to Dale and providing an update on his cats theft.

On TikTok, Dale shared a screenshot from an email about his cats being stolen.

Ariel Dale / TikTok

Dale said that when she later arrived at Terminal 8 at John F. Kennedy Airport and asked to pick up her cats, the employee didn’t know what she was talking about.

“When the American Airlines employee told me they didn’t have my cats and didn’t know where they were, I panicked and my heart fell in my stomach,” said Dale to Insider. “I immediately fell to the ground and started to cry.”

Dale said the staff member spent two hours trying to find the cats and another hour passed before she found her two pets.

Dale told Insider on Wednesday that American Airlines had not contacted her or offered her an apology or explanation.

A spokesperson for American Airlines told Insider in a statement, “Taking care of our animal travelers and ensuring them a smooth and safe travel experience is always a top priority for us. We never like when plans to travel. trip are interrupted and we are sorry for any inconvenience. Our team was in regular contact with Ariel throughout her pets’ journey and she has been reuniting with her furry companions since then. “

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