Woman Who Started Nova Scotia Travel Agency With One Instagram Post Gets Funding To Grow Her Business

A black Canadian in the tourism industry has secured funding to expand her business. René Boudreau founded Elevate and Explore Black Nova Scotia, a tourism company focused on black travelers in the Atlantic region, according to Toronto Star.

She was recently accepted into a mentoring program through American Express called Blueprint: Backing BIPOC Businesses, aimed at black, Indigenous and other minority business owners.

According to the Toronto Star, each business accepted into the mentoring program received a grant of $ 10,000 to invest in their business.

“When I started I wasn’t registered as a business or anything, I was sort of starting with the goal of starting a business,” Boudreau said of his tourism business. which she launched with just one Instagram post. of an African-Nova Scotian visitor to Africville Park, reported the Toronto Star.

“I just started posting photos of blacks exploring the province. It would be pictures that I would have taken or pictures that I would ask people to send to me, and I would just post them. From there, I was able to form partnerships with different companies and organizations.

Raise and Explore Black Nova Scotia, through its tours, showcases Black Nova Scotia history and culture to potential Black tourists.

“Elevate and Explore’s goal and vision is to encourage more black travelers to visit the province, but also to inspire people from all walks of life to explore the province as well,” she told Toronto. Star.

She added: “I thought that if more [Black] people could see themselves traveling across the province, so we would probably feel more comfortable going at different paces or more inclined to want to visit.

Boudreau plans to increase the visibility of his tourism business by launching an official website to promote his business and other Black-owned businesses and experiences across the province.

“It will be a good resource for people from far away to go to this website and just browse it. And if they decide to visit Nova Scotia, here are a few black-owned businesses you can support; here are some black owned Airbnbs you can stay in; here are some cities and attractions; here [is an “about” section] to uplift and explore; there will be pictures [from my] social media. “

So far, it has sparked the interest of people in the United States, Montreal, Ontario and other countries of African descent.

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