Word in the Street: Spiritual Leprosy | faith and values

That said, how can any of us reach a destination, complete the journey, or return home without an arm, foot, leg, or other assortment of appendages?

Philadelphia is a city of 1.5 million people, but 25% live below the poverty line and more than 2,300 sleep rough or in shelters every night.

There are a lot of missing members in this body.

In any other practical sense, loss of limbs, damage to vital organs, or rupture of any part of the body would constitute a medical emergency. Someone would call 911, doctors would respond, family would come to the rescue for a body injury. Yet somehow, the collapse of the body of Christ, which includes us all, requires minimal intervention.

A person who cannot feel their fingers, toes, or recognize the problem of an injured limb will likely be diagnosed with leprosy. Often a person with leprosy cannot feel pain. Therefore, injuries mean so little to the rest of their body that a severe case can eventually cause parts of their body to fall off.

Is this happening to our world? Are we so deeply rooted in a case of spiritual leprosy that the pain in our extremities means nothing to the rest of the body?

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