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Krakow in Poland is the best city in Europe for remote working, he emerged.

It has WiFi speeds that eclipse the continental averages of 23% and the UK averages of 37%, meaning people can stay connected more easily even if they are hundreds of miles away.

It also has some of the cheapest coworking spaces in Europe, with monthly fees equivalent to less than £ 85 per month. This easily exceeds the UK average of £ 210 and European averages of £ 152.

Austria’s capital Vienna comes in second, only because of the slightly higher overall cost of living.

Monthly coworking spaces are £ 40 cheaper there than in the UK and, like in Krakow, Wi-Fi speeds are 23% faster than the European average and 37% faster than in the UK.

Other notable cities include Antwerp, Belgrade and Palermo, where offices cost less than £ 85 per month.

Swiss cities are the places to avoid if you’re on a budget. The three most expensive are Zurich, Geneva and Lausanne with around £ 350 per month.

If a decent Zoom background is a priority, then Valence – 12th overall – is where you should be heading, according to researchers at French high-end chalet specialist OVO Network.

The coworking space there costs £ 160 per month and Airbnbs costs less than £ 850 for a one-month stay. Wi-Fi speeds are also faster than UK averages.

Skopje, North Macedonia – 20th overall – was named the best city with mountain scenery.

But Naples ranks among the worst, with a poor security rating, WiFi speed 45% lower than the European average and a co-working space costing around £ 240 – 43% more than the European average.

Sheffield, London, Bilbao and Rostov make up the last five cities for digital nomads with consistently poor results across the board.

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