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Property Guides, an overseas real estate resource, has put together a list of profitable and emerging destinations that may be of interest to expats.

High wages in the Icelandic capital

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, may be of interest to someone who hopes to work abroad as salaries are generally higher than in other European cities like Madrid and Rome. Workers in Reykjavik earn on average over £ 1,000 more each month compared to these cities.

There is plenty to do in the Icelandic capital as it is full of bars and restaurants as well as over 60 museums, exhibition spaces and galleries to explore.

In Iceland, almost all electricity is hydroelectric or geothermal, making it one of the cheapest in Europe. The average monthly rent in the city is around £ 1,100 for a one bedroom apartment and there is also a significant market for Airbnb rentals. If you are looking for a good investment, Reykjavik might be the place for you.

Find happiness in Helsinki

As in Reykjavik, wages are also reasonably high in Helsinki, the picturesque capital of Finland. Properties across town cost around £ 7,048 per square meter. Renting a one bedroom apartment will cost around £ 862 per month.

Expats in Helsinki are likely to find happiness because for four consecutive years the city has ranked at the top of the World Happiness Report. The World Happiness Report was based on various factors including GDP per capita, social support, life expectancy, freedom to make life choices, generosity and levels of corruption.

Helsinki is a contemporary city with easy transport links to the rest of the country, Europe and beyond.

Affordable accommodation in Tallinn

According to the Expatistan Online Travel Index, the cost of living is cheaper in Tallinn than 63% of the world’s cities. Renting a one-bedroom apartment costs just £ 402 and public transport is also free, so those hoping to live in the city will have extra cash in their pockets to spend. Despite house prices rising around 4.9% in 2020, properties are still affordable at around £ 1,799 per square meter.

At first glance, Tallinn may seem old or old-fashioned, but it’s quite the opposite. Tallinn is an advanced technology hub with the third highest number of start-ups per person in all of Europe. The city also has seven ‘unicorns’ which are start-ups worth over £ 720,000, making it a city of opportunity for those hoping to find work overseas.

Consider working in a start-up in Gdansk

Similar to Tallinn, Gdansk’s labor market is made up of many start-ups – however, wages are not as high as in other European cities.

The cost of living in the Polish city is cheap, which means expats working remotely for companies elsewhere will find they can afford more in Gdansk than in other Western European cities. For example, an average house in Gdansk costs only £ 1,650 per square meter.

Those hoping to move to the city will have the opportunity to enjoy museums, amber shops, restaurants, bars and cafes.

Do your research before booking

Travel uncertainty is still relevant as there are concerns about the Delta variant, given that it even poses a threat to those who are fully vaccinated.

The government has said it will conduct regular reviews of the light travel system every three weeks. Staying on top of the latest travel news is crucial to making sure you choose the right destination.

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