World’s Largest Cruise Ship Has Park and Robot Bar Staff

Social media users have been blown away by the “dystopian” interior of the world’s largest cruise ship which features a huge water stage, slides, park, underwater-themed outdoor play center and more than 40 bars and restaurants.

The massive ship, Wonder of the Seas, is Royal Caribbean’s largest ship, six times the size of the Titanic and carries up to 9,500 passengers plus crew.

TikTok poster Erica, @ericafromamerica, left people’s jaws on the floor when she shared a clip of herself wandering around the boat.

In the video, Erica said, “My name is Erica from America and I work on cruise ships.

“Today I am here on the newest and largest cruise ship in the entire world. Royal Caribbean’s all-new Wonder of the Seas.

“We’re going on tour, let’s go.

Erica then showed the Royal Promenade which is the main indoor area.

There is a whole water park for children on board

She showed off the large Starbucks on board and some of the artwork, including a giant silver cowboy hat and a giant music disc.

Erica said, “You can’t miss the Spotlight Karaoke panel which is a super cool lounge to hang out and sing along to.”

She guided her viewers around some of the dining options, including Sorrento’s pizza which is open until 3 a.m. and a floating bar where you can sit and sip while the whole floor rises from deck five at bridge eight.

There’s also the Bionic Bar which features “robots that make your drink for you”.

And, there’s a red convertible Mustang in the lobby where guests can sit inside, but not drive.

Erica headed down the boardwalk, stopping to admire the giant dragon statues, carousel, hot dog stands, arcade games, and Sugar Beach – a huge candy store.

The TikToker said, “Am I on a boat or am I on the Jersey Shore?”

There’s a full-size sports bar with TVs and “the best wings ever.”

And, there are some of the biggest slides at sea that drop passengers from deck 17 to deck six!

Heading to the Aquatic Theater, Erica explained that Wonder of the Seas hosts diving shows with impressive acrobatics and jumps.

Erica also peeked inside the Ultimate Family Suite which has two floors, a slide and musical piano stairs.

On deck eight there is ‘Central Park’ with real trees and plants, restaurants with al fresco dining and artwork so you forget you’re on a boat in this ocean-sized vessel. ‘a town.

On deck 16 is the stunning swimming pool where there are sun loungers sunk into the water, you can lie down comfortably, plus there are slides and a huge water play area for the kids!

Ride down huge slides over the bridge to the boardwalk
Ride down huge slides over the bridge to the boardwalk

There is also mini-golf on board and an ice show where professional skaters dance around the rink.

And, there’s an adult-only solarium where you can go for some peace and quiet.

On Royal Caribbean’s website, there are even more delights featured, including Wonderland – a restaurant where the Mad Hatter welcomes “vacationers to a magical menu based on the themes of Earth, Fire, Ice, of the Sea and the Sun”.

Additionally, there are teen social areas and lounges where children can relax.

In the comments on Erica’s video, people were stunned by the huge ship.

One person wrote: “Why does this feel so dystopian to me?”

There's a floating bar that takes drinkers between floors
There’s a floating bar that takes drinkers between floors

“We live in some kind of simulation or something my mind will never process how this thing floats,” another added.

While a third noted: “It’s a mall on the water aid.”

And another said: ‘I saw this docked in Miami last year and at first thought it was a building.

“Wild how big.”

Prices for a stay on the boat can cost from £1,030 on ROLCruise for the seven-night Western Mediterranean Discovery Itinerary which visits Spain, Mallorca, Rome, Naples, La Spezia and Marseille.

While Cococay & East Caribbean’s Perfect Day 2023 is listed with prices starting at £786 pp.

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