World’s Latest Blockbuster Becomes 90s-themed Airbnb Rental

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BEND, Ore. (KXAN) – Down for movie night?

The final location of the once giant Blockbuster video rental channel will soon be an Airbnb property for rent, the company said on Tuesday.

According to the Airbnb list, from August 17, film buffs in the region will be able to book one of the three overnight stays available for a maximum of four people. The cost is currently listed at a whopping $ 4 per night.

The reasoning for the area-specific restriction, according to owner Sandi Harding, is due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The list reads as follows:

“Over the past few months, we have missed regular visits from friends, neighbors and tourists from all over the world. So we’re opening our store to three quarantine groups of guests from Deschutes County for a social distance movie night, just like those of decades past!

Blockbuster, which closed its last 300 stores in 2014, returned to Twitter on Tuesday to deliver a message:

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