Yes, we are “those people” – Put our Christmas tree on Halloween

I never thought we would be “those” people. You know what I’m talking about. Those who, once Halloween is over, raise their Christmas tree. Well, now we are. It wasn’t mine actually. Jenn and Ryan couldn’t wait. I was surprised however when I told other friends that we were putting our tree up, they said they wished their husbands would let them too.

We didn’t even wait until the end of Halloween

Before a trick or a caterer came to our door and before Ryan even put on his suit, we brought our tree up from the basement. Jenn said it was about time so we cleaned up an area and got ready.

It was really fun to do

At first I thought it would be a daunting task to assemble the Christmas tree so early. I did and am glad we decided to climb the tree, but when we climbed it it looks really good.

Bring the holiday season

I embrace the holiday season. Yes, our Christmas tree is up on Halloween. Now we can take our time decorating the tree, our house and everything outside. We have big plans for the house and the yard. After all, it will be our first Christmas in our new home. I’ve organized all of our decorations and we’re good to go. So let me get up for a bit and maybe next weekend we’ll have the rest done.

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