You can get 5 * luxury for 3 * prices in these 10 European cities

Everyone deserves a little luxury, and now that travel is opening up, it is becoming a possibility. But how can you enjoy an opulent vacation without breaking the bank?

Do not be afraid, because have compiled a list of 10 European cities with the cheapest 5 * seaside resorts. With the help of t, they got the job done for you to relax during your luxury city break at a reasonable price.

10 – Berlin, Germany £ 152 (€ 177) per night

A city that doesn’t need to be introduced, Berlin is the birthplace of European nightlife, culture and art. Take a trip to Museum Island, visit the Reichstag, or (if you’re brave enough) try entering the Berghain on your trip to the German capital.

9 – Rhodes, Greece £ 138 (€ 161) per night

The largest of the Dodecanese Islands, Rhodes has beaches and ancient ruins to explore during your 5 * stay at a reasonable price. For the thrill seekers, Rhodes offers horse riding, hiking and cycling as well as tantalizing scuba diving and exciting water sports in the Aegean Sea. Why not visit the Acropolis of Lindos or the charming Valley of the Butterflies to top off your sumptuous Greek experience?

8 – Porto, Portugal £ 125 (€ 146) per night

Famous for its culture and nightlife, Porto is the perfect place for a weekend getaway and for sunbathing. Situated on the banks of the Rio Bouro, the ‘edgy yet opulent’ location is close to the beautiful Douro Valley, home to delicious wine tasting tours.

7 – Moscow, Russia 116 £ (135 €) per night

Why not enjoy the delicious irony of a 5 * stay while learning about Soviet history? Home to the Kremlin and Red Square, Moscow is the perfect place to learn about Russia’s political past. Art lovers can also enjoy the Trekyakov Gallery and all visitors will enjoy the vast green spaces of VDNKh and Gorky Park.

6 – Saint Petersburg, Russia £ 107 (€ 125) per night

The cultural capital of Russia, sometimes known as the “Venice of the North”, is where the old meets the modern. Why not visit the Hermitage Museum, or one of the most contemporary loft projects? Its historic skyline is home to the Marble Palace, and its many heritage sites can be seen on walking tours designed to suit all tastes.

5 – Warsaw, Poland 105 £ (122) € per night

The capital of Poland could see you enjoying a 5 star hotel for around £ 105. From your reasonably priced luxury accommodation, you can walk along the Vistula, visit the Palace of Culture and Science (a great vantage point of the city) or rent one of Warsaw’s many public bicycles to move around.

4 – Krakow, Poland 91 £ (106 €) per night

The capital of the ‘little region’ of Poland could be your 5 * discounted destination, at an average cost of just £ 91. Krakow is home to many landmarks, including the 700-year-old St. Mary’s Basilica and the UNESCO-listed medieval Old Town. If the great outdoors is your scene, one of the reasonably priced 5-star hotels in Krakow is the perfect base for exploring the slow-flowing rivers and breathtaking peaks of the surrounding Malopolskie region. Nearby, Zakapone is the business capital of Poland with snow-capped peaks in winter and grassy views in summer.

3 – Antalya, Turkey £ 84 (€ 98) per night

Located on the Turquoise Coast, this seaside town has been a major port since Roman times. Turkey’s fastest growing city, Antalya is perfect for all tastes, with stunning beaches dotted with hotels, a port populated with yachts and water parks for kids – and fun-loving adults.

2 – Istanbul, Turkey £ 83 (€ 98) per night

Where East meets West, Turkey’s capital is home to thousands of years of culture. Once the capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, this metropolis is home to culture, gastronomy and breathtaking ancient monuments. Sitting at the mouth of the Sea of ​​Marmara, Istanbul is the perfect place to experience the quintessential Turkish breakfast, visit local wine houses, and sample some street food.

1 – Heraklion, Greece, £ 79 (€ 92) per night

Located on the popular island of Crete, Heraklion ranks number one because everyone will vacation here no matter what you are looking for. Heraklion has seaside resorts, ancient ruins and sandy beaches. Using one of Heraklion’s 5 * hotels as a base, you can visit the city of Malia, take a tour of the historic Knossos Palace or go snorkeling and see wrecks on the seabed.

At the cheapest average cost of £ 79, Heraklion could be your slice of heaven for a reasonable price.

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