You can now rent Airbnb-style backyard pools in Calgary (PHOTOS)

If you don’t have your own private pool to cool off in, you’re in luck. An Airbnb style website offers the option to rent out other people’s pools in Calgary.

Yes, you read that right. A company called To swim allows pool owners to list their private oasis on time for others to enjoy a private swimming experience.

The website is an online marketplace similar to Airbnb, where, instead of listing properties, owners can rent out their pools.

Currently there is only a listed pool in Calgary, however, as this trend grows, other YYC pool owners are likely to join us.

The Southeast Calgary Pool currently costs $ 70 an hour for up to 10 people, with additional people allowed for $ 8 each, for a total of 18 people.

The heated pool has a private outdoor changing room, plenty of seating, a cabana for some shade, and access to a barbecue, TV, and bluetooth speaker.

rent pools Calgary

Pool owners aren’t required to provide guests with bathroom access, but about 85% of current Swimply hosts do, according to the company. Guests who do not have a toilet available can only rent their pool for one hour at a time to a maximum of five people.

Owners can also set limits on the number of people allowed in the pool.

In addition to Calgary, Swimply operates in Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Winnipeg, as well as a number of US cities.

Plus, it looks like the business continues to grow, with plans for “Joyspace” coming to their website, allowing hosts to rent things like basketball courts, private gyms, and home studios.

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