You can now rent the Italian villa from Normal People on Airbnb

Take us there now.

We all remember the episode of Normal People where the gang headed for Marianne’s luxurious Italian villa and our mouths literally fell to the floor.

The place was beautiful, it was like something we had read in a romance novel, but it came to life.

And if you’re like us, this villa comes to mind since you saw it on TV, and good news, you can now rent the place.

And now that the holidays are almost at our fingertips, this villa is definitely what we have in mind when we browse Airbnb.

Il Casale Tenuta di Verzano is the villa of dreams, and by renting this place we can finally live our dreams as normal people – does Connell come with it?

Described as “an old farmhouse”, the villa is located just outside Rome in Sant’Oreste, Lazio and has been in the same family for 150 years.

Seating six people, the place costs only 40 € a night, but there is a catch.

You are not insured for the whole house, there is only access to a private apartment in the villa, as well as the pool and amenities.

The description reads as follows: “The apartment has its own independent entrance in one of the two farmhouses. It combines comfort and the charm of the farmhouse.”

“The systems are modern while retaining many period furnishings. The apartment can accommodate up to 6 people in two spacious bedrooms, a dining room, a living room, a kitchenette and a modern bathroom.”

With a large stone exterior and wooden shutters, not to mention the antiques scattered around the house, we are not at all surprised that this location was chosen for the show.

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