You can now stay in Holly Golightly’s “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” Townhouse!

Sure, she technically has a somewhat sordid reputation, but Holly Golightly (especially as portrayed by Audrey Hepburn) has remained a chic icon for decades – as has her minimalist, plain notebook. Aside from the money for the powder room, you can now emulate the iconic character by booking your own stay at his Upper East Side townhouse.

Although the interiors of his apartment were filmed on a Hollywood set, the actual brownstone at 169 E 71st Street was used as the exterior of his apartment building (along with that of his neighbor Paul Varjak) in the 1961 film. Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The multi-million dollar property is currently available for a very stylish stay thanks to the premium vacation rental site Inspired (much like a member-only version of Airbnb).

While you won’t find that memorable tub sofa on-site, the five-story, four-bedroom townhouse is certainly as glamorous as one might expect, with luxurious decor, multiple fireplaces, and a wine cellar. , a bar and a closed greenhouse. Rather than crouching down in front of the fireplace to hum “Moon River”, you can relax outdoors on the garden patio or on one of the various outdoor terraces. As the property is exclusively owned and operated by Inspirato, stays also come with personal concierge services.

The only catch, of course, is that you will need to be an Inspirato Pass holder or an Inspirato Club member to book it. An Inspirato pass? $ 2,500 per month. A chance to live your Breakfast at Tiffany’s dreams? Invaluable!

If you need more conviction, click to explore the interior of the house!

[Photos via Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Zillow, Inspirato]

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