You can rent a private pool in New Hampshire for $40 an hour

As the heat rises and we all start looking for ways to cool off, it’s only natural to look for a body of water to dive into. Sure, Maine and New Hampshire are full of streams, ponds, lakes, and even a wide ocean where you can turn the temperature down a few notches. But sometimes you just prefer to have the privacy and relaxation that comes with a good old-fashioned swimming pool. Don’t have any friends who can hook you up? No problem. There is a new service where you can RENT other people’s private pools.

It’s called Swimply, and while it’s definitely caught on in other parts of the country (mainly places like California, Florida, and Arizona), it’s yet to become the major hit it could be in New Zealand. -England. The principle is simple, if you own a house with a swimming pool that you do not plan to use every day, all day, you can list it for rent. You can name your price, whether the rental is hourly or for a full day and you can even limit the number of guests that would be allowed for a rental. Much like finding an AirBnb, hopeful swimmers browse listings and then can make a reservation.

There are currently no listings in Maine but there are some ads in New Hampshire. On a hot day (and there will be plenty this summer), you can rent a private above-ground pool for up to 8 people for just $40 an hour. As the service grows, there will likely be more pools available in the not too distant future.

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