You can rent the Nine Perfect Strangers house on Airbnb (if you have £ 4,000 that is)

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Amazon primeLiane Moriarty’s television adaptation Nine Perfect Strangers had a mixed reaction from viewers with some finding it downright shocking to others saying the best thing about it was Melissa McCarthywardrobe. But one thing we can all agree on is that the house that all the drama takes place in is pretty unreal. Good news, therefore, that the house in Byron Bay where the filming took place is currently available for rent at Airbnb for just under £ 4000 a night. Time to take a look at the back of the sofa?

If you haven’t watched the show yet (go ahead?), The story centers on nine strangers who all head to a California-based wellness retreat, Tranquillum House, for some very serious issues and trauma. different. In the end, the experience and retreat host Masha (Nicole Kidman) turned out to be very different from what participants expected.

But while retirement isn’t ~ fun ~, anyone who’s watched the show will tell you that Tranquillum House is beyond stunner, which is why it’s great news that we can have a good nosy. around that Airbnb.

The location is a real wellness center named Soma, slap bang amid 22 acres of rainforest in Byron Bay, Australia.

The center can accommodate 16 people and features a freshwater swimming pool, yoga dome, floor to ceiling windows in every room, and that huge dining table you saw in the series. The space is designed for group travel, whether it’s corporate retreats or, you know, weird and terrifying drugs with Nicole Kidman.

The center also has a custom zen garden, an infrared sauna and magnesium ice bath and three treatment rooms. The only small downside is that the whole hotel costs £ 3,635 per night (AUD 6,820) which is not exactly change.

I guess for now an Instagram stalk will have to suffice!

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