You can stay in a Harry Potter themed cottage with a Hogwarts dormitory and secret rooms

Harry Potter fans can stay in a cottage with secret rooms and a Hogwarts-themed dormitory.

The cottage can accommodate four people in a bedroom with wooden beds that appear to belong to the wizarding world.

Each bed at the aptly named Spellcast Cottage is themed around a Hogwarts house, including bedding, so you’ll have to decide between yourselves who Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw are in your party.

The chalet, in Marshaltown Ennis Corthy in Ireland, and is available for booking via Airbnb.

There’s a room in the closet under the stairs, a nod to Harry’s infamous dorm rooms on Privet Drive.

But that’s not the only hidden spot that customers are trying to find. The cottage has a secret room with ‘mirror seats’ as well as costume options ranging from wizarding robes to wands and glasses. Turn off the lights and you’ll also be treated to magical effects from the glow-in-the-dark wallpaper.

The cupboard under the stairs

Other highlights also include a small courtyard paying homage to the 9 3/4 platform, with an owl and cart halfway through the wall so you can pretend you’re about to go. direct to the Hogwarts Express.

The property, which also offers a kitchenette and bathroom, has plenty of other surprises in store, from owls carved into the furniture and railings to Harry Potter-themed artwork adorning the walls.

A courtyard pays homage to platform 9 3/4
A courtyard pays homage to platform 9 3/4

Enchanted Cottage can be found on Airbnb. There is a two night minimum stay with prices starting at £ 281 per group (around £ 70 per person).

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