You can stay in jail where they filmed Strangers

Are you just a little involved Foreign things? Well, here’s a rental that will convince you. The prison where they filmed some of the work for the upcoming fourth season of the series has been turned into an incredible Foreign things– Thematic Airbnb.

The century-old Lukiškės Prison in Vilnius, Lithuania, is a rather cold and harsh environment for the fourth (apparently darker and worst) season of the most popular Netflix series.

But if you’re worried that Airbnb is as strict as the prison that Lukiškės represents Foreign things, I’m not afraid. The camera you will be staying in has many home comforts, including many amenities ST– Themed decor 1980s style furniture and the first season’s famous colored fairy bulbs. Given that, you know, a prison cell, the place is damn luxurious.

And the real room isn’t all this Airbnb has to offer. The rental also includes a tour of the prison, as well as visits to the exact filming locations used in the show. Here are some photos of Lukiškės Prison and thematic rental.

Photo: Olga Posaskova / Go Vilnius

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Photo: Olga Posaskova / Go Vilnius

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Photo: Saulius Žiura

The prison, as a real prison, only ceased to function in 2019, so it maintains a gentle atmosphere – to put it mildly. However, nowadays it is known as Lukiškės Prison 2.0 and is a place of art and culture.

If you are interested in staying on Airbnb, you can check availability and find out more here.

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