You may need to get vaccinated before going to another concert.

As soon as we thought we could be in the clear to get back to normal, another setback occurs. Vaccinations will be compulsory depending on where you are going. Other places may require you to be vaccinated or at least to wear a mask.

However, you think local businesses and places have to comply under government mandates. It is not from your favorite artists or any other band, unless stated otherwise.

Many artists are nervous about touring, with the delta variant increasing in locations across the United States. Groups like Foo Fighters have indicated that in order to go to the show you need to be vaccinated. However, musicians like Garth Brooks have postponed concerts entirely in the hopes of getting back to normal soon.

If you have not yet been vaccinated or if you wish, you can find the vaccination details by clicking HERE

Unfortunately, concert halls aren’t the only ones that could implement this, businesses, airlines, sporting events can all fall alike to ensure that covid breakouts are not tied to them, like other concerts that have taken place recently are called a huge recessed in Washington state. Help us break out of restrictions and prevent the spread of covid by getting vaccinated or wearing a mask.

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