You might think you know the best vacation rental websites, but these are trusted by travelers

Airbnb is one of the best vacation rental sites out there, but that means there are a few more that might be a better fit for you.

When it comes to finding a reliable and trustworthy vacation rental site, it’s not always easy. Reviews are almost a surefire way to tell if a property is worth renting, but some sites don’t even have one – or enough to form a concrete opinion. When it comes to rental web hosts, some sites don’t even specify a way to contact owners or rental companies, which is a whole other issue. But we digress because it’s not about all the ways rental companies can let a traveler down – it’s about where they can find the best options for their vacation.

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While not all vacation rental sites are created equal, some definitely outperform the competition. Some have gained ground since they started – like Airbnb – while others are less well known but still just as remarkable.


It’s no secret that Airbnb always leads the way when it comes to the best and highest rated vacation rentals. Not only has it been incredibly easy for customers to book, check in and check out, the company has also made things easier for the hosts. With some listings offering thousands of reviews, there’s no shortage of other travelers to count on for a legitimate property appraisal.

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Plus, nothing is left out when it comes to the details of the property. Everything from linens and snacks to house rules or apartment rules is included in the description, available before a guest even clicks the ‘book’ button. Airbnb makes it easy for potential travelers to get in touch with their hosts, and while no vacation rental business is flawless, Airbnb makes it easy enough to avoid them. With the new customer credit system, Airnbn is also making travelers keep coming back and recommending friends, which only piles the cards in its favor. The main point of separation between Airbnb and other rental companies, however, is the use of Superhosts – these are hosts who have provided exemplary service, thus raising the rental bar for others.


HometoGo is a great tool to use when finding rental properties at all levels. Since this is a meta-search site, it allows potential tenants to plug in what they’re looking for in exchange for a myriad of options across the board. Rentals can appear from Airbnb, VRBO, or any other rental site, and HometoGo makes it easy by bringing renters right to the property page of their choice.

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The benefit of using a search site like this is the fact that it opens doors – metaphorically and literally – when it comes to what a traveler might be looking for. Rather than booking directly from Airbnb or VRBO, potential renters have the opportunity to browse the results and explore what other rental sites and hosts have to offer. This flexibility is ideal for those who have an idea of ​​where they want to go and a budget in mind, but aren’t sure what type of rental they are looking for. The extensive options throughout the search also provide the opportunity for travelers to land deals they would not otherwise have found using such a specific rental site. Travel smarter even called this site a “one stop shop” for all vacation rental needs.


In 2019, VRBO merged with HomeAway, which many people might remember if they’ve been booking rentals for several years now. The two sites often overlapped, anyway, so it wasn’t a surprise when the merger happened; however, now travelers have access to the best of both worlds. The success of VRBO and HomeAway is a testament to the massive volume of rentals the site has in its arsenal, operating in much the same way as Airbnb. Sometimes travelers can find better deals using VRBO, especially if they are looking for relaxed and relaxed rentals that are pet-friendly.

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The site offers many useful tools for finding a specific property, including maps that allow the user to broaden or minimize their search. This feature, on its own, is incredibly useful when it comes to searching just outside of your favorite city or town to find a more affordable rental. Plus, traveler ratings, along with reviews, help potential tenants determine if a property is right for them. Alternative options such as cabins, yurts and even camping sites are also available on the site – so it is useful for all types of rentals.

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