Your Guide to Birmingham’s Beautiful Murals in 2021 – Part 3

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The new Birmingham city center mural. Photo via Miranda Shaffer for Bham Now

Hope you are ready for more frescoes as we are back. It’s time to go discover the best of art around our city. This is part three of our ultimate guide to Birmingham murals. Check out Parts 1 and 2 first, if you missed them.

1. Know your wall story—@movetk

Birmingham murals
Some of Bham’s icons. Photo by Tim Kerr Art

This mural depicts four Birmingham icons: Fred Shuttlesworth, a civil rights activist; Sun Ra, an iconic jazz musician; Angela Davis, activist; and Spider Martin, photojournalist.

A mural city
The fresco of a city. Photo via Bham Now

This mural represents unity, and although we are all different, we are one city.

3. Birmingham Color Wall— @marcusfetch

color mural
Muralist Marcus Fetch in front of one of his Birmingham murals. Photo by Hannah Williams.

Another creation by Marcus Fetch, this mural idea started with Marcus, but dozens more in the community have come together to add to it. You can find the Birmingham Color Wall and its most recent additions on 1st Avenue.

A colorful mural in Woodlawn. Photo via Blank Space Bham

This mural located in Woodlawn features bright colors and musical instruments.

5. With every fall comes the spring mural— @marcusfetch and @seanmgilder

A fresco of the community. Photo by Marcus Fetch

It is a tree with leaves made of handprints from the community. It shows the change of leaves from fall to spring.

One of my favorite Birmingham murals, one of encouragement. Photo via the artist collective BHM

The mural is the result of a collaboration between Fitz Hand Painted Signs, Blank Space Bham, BHM Artist Collective and many others, as well as REV Birmingham. The purpose of the mural was to provide a message of encouragement to essential Birmingham workers during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

7. Alabama Ballet Mural— @trelili

Ballet mural
The Ballet Mural is not far from Pepper Place. Photo via Miranda Shaffer for Bham Now

This iconic mural shows a lady riding a bicycle in a polka-dot dress and sunflowers.

Miss Fantasy
Miss Fancy in all her glory in Avondale. Photo via Red Path Creative

This Fancy the Elephant mural is located in the heart of Avondale.

9. Now’s the Right Time, Legacy Mural # 1 –@blankspacebham

Believe mural
The new Birmingham city center mural. Photo via Miranda Shaffer for Bham Now

This is the first of four murals that will be part of the “It’s the Right Time” heritage mural project in partnership with the World Games and Hibbett.

10. It’s nice to have you in the Birmingham mural—@mcmcbhm

Locate this mural at Trim Tab. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

Head to Trim Tab for a drink and admire this giant blue fresco painted on top of the building.

11. Mayawell bar rabbit mural—@ brother_andy

Mayawel mural
Mural from the Mayawell Bar. Photo via Sanders Chair for Bham Now

This bunny mural can be found on the side of the Mayawell Bar. Sample one of Mayawell’s delicious margaritas and take a look at the wall art.

12. Wall painting of the 2021 World Games—@marcusfetch

World Games fresco
Mural of the 2021 World Games. Photo via The Waites Birmingham Instagram

Here is another mural in honor of the World Games in Birmingham. This one was painted by a well-known local artist, Marcus Fetch.

13. Ecoscape Phoenix wall fresco—@mammothmurals

Ecoscape fresco
North Birmingham Ecoscape Phoenix on North 30th Avenue. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

A phoenix seems to melt in smoke as its feathers fly behind it on this colorful mural.

14. Imagine the elephant—@bbonardd

fancy elephant mural
Fancy the Elephant mural at Avondale Brewing Company. Photo via @magiccitymurals

Miss Fancy the Elephant can be seen on the Avondale Brewing Company side. She is the icon of the company.

15. Awesome to have you in the Avondale fresco— @roblikespie & @

It’s great to be in Avondale. Photo via Bham now.

A well-known mural in Avondale, this artl welcomes you to the area with a bright green and white color scheme.

Stay tuned for more parts of our guide to murals in Birmingham, coming soon. Tag us on social media @bhamnow with all the photos you take in front of the murals of our city!

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