Zip World Tower announces huge four-story 30m obstacle course

Zip World has announced the opening of the world’s largest four-story obstacle course at Rhigos. The popular activity and adventure brand has revealed huge plans for the all-new Tower Climber, which is set to open on July 11, 2022.

At 30 meters tall, the new attraction will be the tallest of its kind in the world and will feature a four-story obstacle course experience, with 69 different coal mining-themed elements to tackle. From suspended springboards to floating platforms and tightropes, adventurers will be harnessed to the system, ensuring their safety at all times while undertaking the hour-long activity, a Zip World spokeswoman said.

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The new experience should be suitable for the whole family, with a lower level dedicated to mini adventurers for children aged 3 and over. The Tower Climber will be the fourth installment of the Zip World Tower which has welcomed more than 100,000 visitors since its opening last spring.

The Phoenix Zipline is the fastest seated zipline in the world and has four parallel ziplines over two areas, including Llyn Fawr. You can get more What’s On stories by signing up to our WalesOnline newsletter here

For the little ones, the Tower Flyer is a smaller zip line, much lower to the ground, for those who dive into the world of adventure. Meanwhile, the Tower Coaster is near the old mine bathhouse and is the only two-seater coaster of its type in the UK, the spokeswoman said. Guests can also grab a bite to eat at Cegin Glo Bar and Bistro to satisfy their appetite after a long day of adventures.

Where will the Tower Climber be

Zip World Managing Director David Stacey said: “The launch of Tower Climber brings another world-class adventure attraction to Wales thanks to its sheer size and wide selection of obstacles that are sure to thrill. “keep the whole family busy. We have been overwhelmed with the supportive public since the opening of the Zip World Tower last spring, with over 100,000 visitors passing through our doors. Recognizing and celebrating the site’s mining past has been a priority for us, so it’s great to be able to create another themed experience that nods to its heritage.”

Zip World Tower is located on the former site of Tower Colliery in Rhigos, which was the oldest working coal mine in the UK until it closed in 2008 and the last of its kind to remain in the South Valleys of the Wales. Nestled in the Rhigos mountain range, the site holds a special place in the hearts of locals. Zip World has been committed to preserving and maintaining history since opening and has worked alongside former miners to achieve this.

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