10 Airbnb Hidden Gems in the English Countryside

England is full of rolling hills and farmland, as well as several wonderful Airbnbs. These gems are hidden away in the countryside and many require you to use a physical card as cell service does not exist in these areas. They are the perfect place to get away from the real world for a while while breathing in the fresh air of the natural landscape.

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We’ve found some of the best Airbnbs located in these remote areas. They are perfect for any traveler looking for an authentic experience. Read on to find out more about ten Airbnb gems hidden in the English countryside!

ten Satori Dome: Off-grid Geodesic Dome with Hot Tub

This Little gem in the countryside for $ 129 a night sleeps two and is located in rural Northumberland. It’s very private and you have your own wood-fired hot tub, fireplace, deck, and pond.

It’s off-grid with composting toilets, water in containers, and batteries for power, but it offers a unique experience that takes us back to our humanistic roots. You can escape the busy city life and experience nature by forgoing electronics and the internet for a few days.

9 Comfortable 1 bedroom lodge in the Welsh countryside.

This adorable little place in Llanbrynmair, England costs $ 84 per night and can accommodate up to 2 people. You have the whole place to yourself and it comes with a full bathroom, kitchen, TV, landline, and wifi, but it’s intermittent in the area.

There is also a hot tub on the property which the owners will give you access to for an additional $ 20 per day. The hosts will have groceries available for you to request and there are plenty of places to explore and local shops to visit.

8 Unusual country lodge with hot tub

This is a guesthouse in the countryside of Maidstone and costs $ 142 per night. It’s recommended by Airbnb themselves and you have access to the whole house. They can sleep up to two people and come with cable, heated floors, an in-bedroom skylight, a full bathroom, a hot tub, and a kitchenette.

You are isolated in the area, but there are shops and pubs nearby that you can visit, or you can take a scenic walk on one of the trails. It is uniquely styled and will give you a break from everyday life.

seven Lodge on a lake

This The lodge can accommodate up to two people and is located in the Cardiff countryside by a lake. It’s $ 135 per night, but you have direct water access, a hot tub, wifi, grill, microwave, and a full bathroom.

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It’s not as far out as some of the others on this list, although it’s the perfect in-between for someone who wants to be closer to local amenities like shops and pubs. There is a store on site where you can buy different necessary items and it can be a bit pricey so it is best to only use it in an emergency.

6 Romantic cabin in the woods

This is a tiny house in the countryside of Diggle, England, and you can stay here for $ 93 a night. It can accommodate up to three people and is located in the hills overlooking the city below. There are several villages to explore nearby and the house is equipped with a microwave, grill, full bathroom and TV.

It is located on 30 acres of land owned by the host and guests have access to everything except the private garden. They are free to explore the woods and even stroke the horses and sheep on the property. You can spend your days walking the trails or visiting the local villages and at the end your soul will feel renewed.

5 Lime Lodge

Lime Lodge is located in Shropshire, England, and is priced at $ 129 a night. You can accommodate up to 6 people and there are three bedrooms in the lodge, including a set of bunk beds.

Guests can even request to bring two dogs with them and it includes a full kitchen, wifi, hot tub, washer and dryer, and three bathrooms. You will be surrounded by a wooded area, but there is a lot to do in the surrounding area if you bring your children.

4 The Dimmingsdale Woodland Retreat Pod and Hot Tub

This little mansion in rural England costs $ 103 a night and can sleep up to 4 people. It is in the town of Oakamoor and it is located on the family farm. There are so many trails to explore in the area, and lots of animals to see near you.

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It has a wood-burning stove, places to charge your phone, a hot shower, a toilet, a whirlpool tub, grills and a fireplace. You will need to purchase logs through them to light the hot tub, fireplace, and wood stove, but these are a nominal fee that you won’t mind paying. You can also ask to collect your own eggs or jump on the trampoline.

3 Romantic Rural Shepherds Hut Peak District

This Hut is located in Buxton and you can stay there for $ 90 a night. It is equipped with wifi, a microwave, a grill, a wood stove, a fireplace and a modern bathroom a few steps away.

It stands on 1 acre of land and there are lots of friendly animals in the area such as turkeys, sheep, deer, lambs and chickens. It gives you a taste of the farm experience in a clean, secluded hut, and there are plenty of cool places to explore in the surrounding area.

2 Casterne Hall: Manor House With Exceptional View

If you need somewhere to stay with a larger group of people, this house can accommodate up to 15 people at a time. It costs around $ 84 per person for a single night, and you can book as many rooms as you want at one time. The hosts live in the residence, but the guests will have exclusive access to the upper floors.

You can have access to the kitchen for an additional charge, and the owners are also willing to prepare breakfast and a three-course dinner or lunch upon request. The house is historic and the grounds are beautiful which is why it is the perfect place to stay in England.

1 17th century windmill in Derbyshire

This is an old mill which has been transformed into a private residence and can accommodate up to 8 people. You’ll have the whole place to yourself for $ 354 per night, no matter how many guests there are.

It has a musical heritage since some of the first British gramophone needles were made here at the time. It comes with wifi, television, washer and dryer, full kitchen, indoor fireplace and two bathrooms. There is a nearby streak and plenty of countryside to explore to get away from the hectic city life.

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