Seth Rogen lets people rent an Airbnb to get high with him

Seth Rogen has teamed up with Airbnb to give everyday people a chance to smoke weed with him.

On Feb. 7, Airbnb users will be able to book a $42 USD (about $56 CAD) one-night stay at a Los Angeles residence modeled after the Vancouver-born actor’s Houseplant cannabis company. While there, you can partake in one of Rogen’s favorite hobbies, pottery, with Rogen himself, soak up the sun, and raid the fridge. Rogen says he will also sample Vol. 2 from his unreleased vinyl box set, a trio of vinyl records with curated track listings by him and his longtime collaborator, fellow Vancouverite Evan Goldberg.

Unfortunately, there is a catch. The three reservations that will go live on the 7th are only available to US residents. Yes, that means fellow Canadian citizens of Rogen are excluded. There’s also no other option, like some kind of competition to take retired Canadians from Los Angeles. That’s despite the fact that the partnership comes in support of Hilarity for Charity, Rogen’s nonprofit to support families impacted by Alzheimer’s disease through comedy-related initiatives.

We don’t know why Canada got screwed, although it may be because of Exit of Houseplant from the Canadian market in 2021 after a split with co-producer Canopy Growth. At the time, Rogen said the goal was to relaunch in Canada, noting it was an opportunity to “evolve the brand”. There has been no word since on a Canadian stimulus.

So, to all potential American readers – good luck getting started blazing with Rogen. For our Canadian readers, however, we sadly have to accept that Rogen has let us down.

Source: Airbnb

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