On Our Radar: WHIPPED CREAM is not lacking in beauty for everyone, regardless of their personal preferences

What do you like more: Valentine’s Day or Halloween? One is fresh-cut flowers, rosy-eyed love letters, and a sincere belief that happy relationships make the world a better place, especially if you’re one. Or own a chocolate factory.

On the other side of the holiday schedule, you have a celebration of blackened soul despair, leaf-strewn graveyards, and the acceptance that if we’re all going to one place, we might as well be leaning in the dark. side.

Your personal preferences will shape how you treat “The Dark” by WHIPPED CREAM featuring Jasiah & Crimson Child. Chances are you’ve seen the lyric video before, where the pink and red roses all appear delicate and beautiful at first, only to be scorched or exploded within four minutes.

The official music video for “The Dark” enhances the beauty, but the message remains mixed, this one having everything to do with the music. Death-buzz synths intertwine with faux-classic strings, with vocals falling somewhere between vintage 80s gothic and modern opera – the black beauty of it all offset by lyrics like “The dark, the depths/The endless abyss, I’m with you I fall within.” Sometimes love is at its peak when it’s almost painful.

As for the visuals, uh, imagine the world’s most stunning marriage proposal video. A guy in a tuxedo sits in front of a grand piano in a meadow that slopes down to a pristine lake, the towering mountains in the distance adding to the drama. Add swirling purple storm clouds, tornadoes of flower petals and two willful fights…., uh, lovers, who understand there’s no spark without a ton of drama .

Currently searching Airbnb for locale including cabin at 1:40? Save time with Monstercat’s WHIPPED CREAMS creative team:

Produced by Vancouver studio Departure Lounge and directed by Will Selviz, darkness music video is a new mixed reality project developed in Canada’s first volumetric capture facility. Equipped with technology capable of transferring humans and objects in and out of the Metaverse, WHIPPED CREAM, Jasiah and Crimson Child were filmed by more than 100 cameras at Metastage Canada, capturing them in real time and transporting their holograms into an environment of virtual reality.

Valentine’s Day ? Halloween? Never mind – there’s not just enough beauty here to go around, we haven’t even talked about what happens when the sun goes down. Watch and be amazed.

Video of WHIPPED CREAM, Jasiah & Crimson Child – The Darkness [Monstercat Official Music Video]


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