Read Airbnb and Vrbo contracts carefully to avoid cancellation disputes

DENVER (KDVR) — Planning to travel? Read the fine print, especially if you’re renting from hospitality properties like Airbnb and Vrbo.

Paula Bishop booked a stunning Airbnb property in Dallas last June for over $3,000. She said the host’s contract included a 30-day cancellation policy, but the agreement was not honored per Airbnb guidelines.

“I contacted my US bank and disputed the charge,” she said.

Bishop told FOX31 that after getting a lawyer, she received an initial refund of $3,855.91, but was then shocked to find she was charged a second time, which was a mistake.

“I couldn’t imagine paying that credit card bill that was completely for nothing,” she said.

Troubleshooters stepped in and asked Airbnb to investigate. The company said the additional charge was caused by a rare and minor technical issue, which was quickly resolved and unrelated to the reported host-guest dispute.

Fixed issue: Airbnb issues a refund

Within 48 hours, FOX31 received a statement from the company saying, “We have contacted the guest, provided assistance, and issued a full refund.”

Airbnb said it’s important to note that their hosts determine their own cancellation policy, so they urge guests to make sure they understand the requirements. Customers are required to review and sign the policy before booking. Information on cancellation conditions is provided on the Airbnb website.

Immediately report any issues to customer service.

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