4 Questions “You” Fans Need To Answer In Season 4

*Warning: Major Season 3 Spoilers Ahead*

Before the first part of You season four premieres on netflix (pssst: it comes out on February 9), fans hoped (no, pray) that their burning questions are about to get answered once and for all.

Keep scrolling to see four questions fans want answered when You Season 4 premieres.

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1. Could Love Quinn still be alive?


Let’s take a trip back to You season three finale, shall we? Towards the end of the episode, fans may remember Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley) kills his wife Love (Victoria Pedretti) to save themselves and cover their tracks. Oh, and Joe sets fire to their house with his body still inside. In a handwritten letter, he blames Love for all the murders at Madre Linda and *cuts his toes off and puts them in a pie* to make it look like she killed him.

But many fans can’t help but wonder: Could Love still be alive? Now stay with us. What if she survived the fire and found a way to escape? Ever since the season three finale, fans have been speculating about Love’s fate. And the idea of ​​her being secretly alive (and Joe’s new stalker?) is not that hard to believe. Remember when Joe’s ex-girlfriend Candace Stone (who returned in Season 2) came out of hiding after trying to kill her? So he could reproduce with love… right?

2. Will Marienne be the one to expose Joe?

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In a shocking turn of events, Joe takes a plane across the pond and takes on a new identity. Why? He travels to Paris hoping to find his “new” love, Marienne Bellamy (played by Gabrielle Tati), who has always dreamed of one day returning to the city. And, as a man who will do anything for the woman he loves, Joe is determined to find her and reunite her. In season three, a torrid romance brews between them and Joe begins having an affair with Marienne. But, after Joe murders her abusive ex-boyfriend Ryan, Marienne takes the opportunity to leave Madre Linda and start a new life with her daughter, Juliette.

Considering Marien knows What kind of person Joe is, fans have started wondering if she will be the one to expose him for all his crimes. For example, in the season four trailer, Marienne is seen finally confronting Joe about his past. “You are a murderer, Joe,” she said. But, he is in complete denial. “You are mistaken about me,” he replies.

So could Marienne be the one to do Joe (ultimately!) pay for his crimes? Fans need to know.

3. Dearest Cupid, will Joe find love again?

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Almost every season we see Joe with a new love interest. Honestly, the phrase “Out with the old, in with the new” should be his personal motto at this point. But, since Marienne knows her darkest secret, it seems highly unlikely that they’ll rekindle any sort of romance. So does this mean Joe will fall in love with someone else?

Well, love is still in the cards, for Joe anyway. Meet Kate (Charlotte Ritchie), the latest woman to become the center of Joe’s obsession. In the official trailer, Joe Goldberg Professor Jonathan Moore falls for Kate and goes back to his old ways (i.e. peeking out the window and fantasizing about her). Our guess? It’s not going to end well.

4. Will Joe himself be killed?

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The biggest question we all ask ourselves throughout this series is whether or not Joe will be caught. From the very beginning, Joe did everything to escape the law. And after moving to Europe and taking on a new identity, Joe still seems to be in the clear. That is, until he receives a mysterious message from an anonymous person, threatening to reveal his secrets. Does anyone want to put an end to Joe’s murderous ways…for good?!

Mark your calendars, You fans: The first part of season four will premiere on Netflix on February 9, while the second half will debut on March 10.

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