Exciting New East TN Mini Golf Attraction

Do yourself a favor if you don’t already…when you’re traveling and you know you’ll have time to see or do “extra” things, look for “mini golf” wherever you are. And go for it all. Find the craziest looking one and go.

In fact, if you like putt-putt, it doesn’t have to be crazy, but I think the course should present some fun challenges. In Rockford IL I visited Volcano Falls Adventure Park. There was plenty to do, but mini golf was the focus. And it was a great course.

I see so many missing mini golf courses on my travels. What about those particular attractions that cause people to leave them where they are for DECADES after they close? Well, anyway, I don’t think that particular fate will befall what looks like an exciting mini-golf adventure in eastern Tennessee called The Sky Pirates of Mermaid Bay. Hit the 3:31 mark for a mini preview:

Obviously, there’s not much to see, but the teams are hard at work preparing for a summer opening. I think THAT kind of sums up the big picture, doesn’t it?

Mermaid Bay Sky Pirates looks like next-level entertainment in the world of not only mini-golf, but the many entertainment opportunities you can find in the Smoky Mountains. You know, it was interesting watching Pigeon Forge grow – that’s where it’s at. I mean, not too long ago it was just Gatlinburg and everyone else.

But Dollywood has been such a force in the tourism industry that it doesn’t seem hard to get the green light.

And, a massive entertainment complex that features an 18-hole underwater mini-golf adventure and an 18-hole Sky Pirate mini-golf course on the rooftop doesn’t seem like the perfect complement to the perfect vacation.

Also, if you’re wondering how to navigate the massive pirate ship on sight, here’s your answer. What looks like a garden variety tornado slide is anything but:

If you’ve already planned your trip to East Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains this summer, you may need to add extra time, or even another day, to your itinerary.

You don’t want to drop a bunch of pirates and mermaids, do you?

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