This huge farmhouse for sale in British Columbia has stunning views and is still cheaper than a condo in Vancouver

If you are browsing properties for sale in small towns in British Columbia and you will almost certainly find better value than what you would get the main cities.

Take this huge house for sale in Bella Coola, for example. Right next to the mountains on a vast property of 24 acres, the family-home-farm-hobby-slash is on the market for $595,000 – cheaper than the average in Vancouver.

In case you were wondering, the benchmark price for a condo in Metro Vancouver, according to WOWis $714,000 (stables and large land not included).

Family room in the Bella Colla property with a TV setup and high ceilings.Courtesy of Landquest

This location’s proximity to waterfalls, rivers, blueberries, and wildlife isn’t its only draw – the three-bedroom home is surprisingly spacious and equally charming. Hello, lobed ceilings and skylights!

It also has a huge porch, with views you would find hard to get tired of.

A large porch with a view of tall trees. There’s even a natural spring water source nearby, which has an undeniable cool factor in addition to some obvious practical benefits.

A large porch with a view of tall trees.A large porch with a view of tall trees.Courtesy of Landquest

Other buildings on the property include a chicken coop, a two-door garage, a shed and a large shop which the list said could double as an Airbnb for rent. Yippee for passive income!

Oh, and there’s also a stable. If you’re willing to give up the city in favor of equestrian life and fresh air, you can spend your days horseback riding or hiking along the trails surrounding your property.

A wooden stable in Bella Coola, B.C.A wooden stable in Bella Coola, B.C.Courtesy of Landquest

Basically, it looks like Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing but it’s real life.

Living in Bella Coola does not in any way imply being deserted in the boonies – the listing mentions that there is an hour daily flights to Vancouver.

Family home and hobby farm in Bella Coola

House for sale in Bella Coola, BC

House for sale in Bella Coola, BC

Courtesy of Landquest

Price: $595,000

Address: 3720 Mackenzie Road. 20, Bella Coola, BC


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