10 Airlines That Fly Nonstop To The Bahamas Islands

The Bahamas is famous for its beautiful white sand beaches and many outdoor adventures, although these adventures are sometimes interrupted by hurricane season. Several airlines have launched non-stop flights to this paradise of an island on earth in all seasons. Many nonstop airlines offer direct flights to Nassau Lynden Pindling International, Bahamas, whether travelers are booking from New York, Floridaor anywhere else.

While the Bahamas is a conveniently located vacation destination, that doesn’t mean flights are always short or easy. For those ready to relax on the sandy beaches, here are the airlines that fly nonstop to the Bahamas, so travelers can arrive earlier and relax more.

ten American airlines

American Airlines offers several non-stop flights to Nassau Airport on Bahama Island. A total of 11 non-stop, direct flights from the original destination airport to Nassau.

They offer flights from Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, TX, Miami International Airport, Philadelphia International Airport, and Washington, DC International Airport.

Flight times vary, but American Airlines’ nonstop flight from Dallas to Fort Worth takes about three hours to arrive in Nassau.

9 Jet Blue Airways

There are 7 non-stop flights served by JetBlue Airways. These flights vary from Boston, Fort Lauderdale, JFK and Orlando airports to Nassau airport.

Originating airports include Boston Logan International Airport, Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, and Orlando International Airport.

JetBlue may have a reputation as one of the cheapest airlinesbut travelers should check fares to make sure they’re getting a good deal.

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8 Bahamasair

The only Bahamas-native airline is Bahamasair. This airline is becoming a mainstay for booking a flight directly from the United States to Nassau airport. There is also the option of a weekly nonstop flight from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to Grand Bahama International Airport (FPO).

Other flights depart from Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, Miami International Airport and Orlando International Airport.

7 United Airlines

United Airlines flies direct to the Bahamas from Newark Liberty International Airport in Nassau International. A non-stop flight takes about three and a half hours; flights with stopovers included can take up to 20 hours.

Be sure to check baggage information before booking; prices vary by route and destination.

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6 Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is the only airline that flies nonstop from Atlanta, Georgia airport and Boston airports arriving at various airports in the Bahamas.

Travelers can depart from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Boston Logan International Airport, or John F. Kennedy International Airport.

A nonstop flight from Atlanta to Nassau takes just over two hours.

5 Silver Airways

With Silver Airways, travelers can fly from Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International or Tampa Florida Airport to Nassau. A non-stop flight takes about an hour.

For those planning to arrive in Nassau, check out Airbnbs to stay there.

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4 South West Airlines

Southwest Airlines only serves one nonstop flight and one departure airport. However, it can be a reliable airline to book flights during the rush hour of the day.

Southwest is also known as the largest low-cost carrier in the world, so it is possible for travelers to find cheaper flights with this airline.

Southwest’s flight option departs Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International and arrives at Nassau International Airport; a non-stop flight takes approximately one hour and ten minutes.

3 Tropic Ocean Airways

Tropic Ocean Airways is an airline that connects several tropical destinations such as Florida and the Bahamas. Travelers can depart from Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport and arrive at Nassau International, Bahamas, Bimini, Bahamas or Great Harbor Cay, Bahamas.

For the most affordable trip possible, plan to Discover the Bahamas in December; flights are often cheaper out of season, as are accommodations, excursions, etc.

2 Border

Frontier Airlines offers low-cost flights to the Bahamas. One option is to fly from Atlanta, Georgia to Nassau; the non-stop flight lasts just over two hours.

1 British Airways

For travelers departing from non-US destinations, such as the UK, British Airways offers options. Although this is by no means a short flight, travelers can fly with British Airways from London and fly to Nassau around nine hours later.

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