14 small towns in and around Idaho with festive Christmas names

There is one town in Idaho that almost everyone forgets until December arrives. Then? Everyone wants their mail stamped through the festive post office!

The small town we’re talking about? You will find it just under 15 miles from St. Maries in Benewah County. With zip code 83866, Christmas cards, letters to Santa Claus, and all other mail sent from this post office are postmarked “Santa, Idaho”.

It is such a coveted postmark that if you search eBay you will find several postcards with this stamp for sale including the 1940 one which costs $ 44! The postmark has become more festive since 1940. The one you see in this 2019 KREM news video has a little Santa Claus on it!

Santa, Idaho has literally cashed in his name before. Why and how? Scroll down to check out and check out all the towns named Christmas that you will find in Idaho and its neighboring states!

14 small towns in and around Idaho with insanely festive Christmas names

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