19 Things We Learned From Guy Laliberté’s $1 Million Airbnb List

This private island is unlike any Airbnb you’ve ever seen.

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Nukutepipi, the private island of Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté in French Polynesia, welcomes its guests.

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According to his Airbnb Listing – yes, really – you and 51 of your friends could stay here for your next vacation for the princely sum of $1.1 million a week.

If you suffer from sticker shock, consider the lesser price per night of $190,573. Admittedly, this price is theoretical insofar as the rental provides for a minimum stay of six nights.

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A house of this size has many rooms and even more amenities, so for the sake of quickness, here are the 19 key points that can be pulled from the list:

• It seems that Guy Laliberté leads a good life.

• Unlike most Airbnbs, this one is staffed with a chef, captain, “activity coordinators,” doctor, and massage therapist.

• If this chef is put to work, you can eat in an indoor-outdoor dining area so spacious that the chairs at the long table seem to disappear over the horizon in the photo provided by Airbnb:

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Nukutepipi's dining room.
Nukutepipi’s dining room. Photo by via Airbnb

• There are plenty of rooms — 21 in total for a maximum of 52 guests — so you can spend your entire vacation arguing over who gets each room.

• The accommodations are divided between a main villa, smaller villas and bungalows. None of them could be described as modest, mind you.

• The island has no shortage of bathrooms. Included in the 25 is one with an outdoor wooden bath under a sloping roof and walled by rocks and trees.

The covered outdoor bath listed as
The covered outdoor bath listed as “full bathroom 3” on Guy Laliberté’s Private Island Airbnb listing. Photo by via Airbnb

• The “common” areas include a massage table, a sauna and a cinema room. In fact, there are so many common spaces in Nukutepipi that you may never need to hang out with one of your travel companions.

• Nukutepipi has not one, not two, but three different pools. They are listed by number on the Airbnb listing for the island, which is a good indicator of how good this place is. Imagine the conversation a guest might have: “Which pool are we going to swim in this afternoon: Pool 2, maybe?”

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• The island also has a private gym. Maybe it’s not listed as a “common space” because it’s too big to feel like a shared space?

Guy Laliberté's private island gym
Guy Laliberté’s private island gym

• The rental comes with a golf cart, which is probably best seen as the island has a circumference of nearly 10 kilometers.

• “Outdoor space 4” is apparently a reference to the Pacific Ocean, in which one can practice a variety of activities such as boating or paddle boarding.

• The island also has its own lagoon, why not?

• You didn’t really think we were done listing recreational facilities, did you? Oh, sweet innocent child, we haven’t even been to the tennis court yet. The neatly maintained grass court is surrounded by trees, providing perhaps a better atmosphere than Wimbledon. There is also a referee seat, in case things escalate.

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• If you are not athletic, you still have the opportunity to admire the Laliberté art collection, which includes works by Damien Hirst.

• If a living room is too formal for you, there is always the possibility of sitting under a roof in your hammock in a structure that seems to serve no other purpose. The absence of walls allows for a breeze, while the roof provides some protection from the elements. (A similar structure with a sofa instead of hammocks is also available; Nukutepipi has no shortage of seating facilities.)

• Naturally, the island has its own airfield for private charters. (Profile of Nukutepipi on another luxury travel rental website states that it is a “1:40 to 2:40 flight from Tahiti Faaa International Airport”, which is the nearest international airport and approximately 20 hours and at least one connection from Montreal.)

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• For some reason the Airbnb listing does not mention that Nukutepipi has a DJ booth. This treat is available on the South Pacific Management websitewho also rents the island, and fully aligns with Laliberté’s well-documented interest in DJ’ing. He even went so far as to describe it as a “double life”.

• If you want to keep your Airbnb rating intact, remember that you must cancel at least 95 days before your trip to get half your money back, and house rules prohibit smoking and having pets.

• Departure, as with most Airbnb rentals, is at 11 a.m.

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