5 unique Airbnb stays in Lubbock that cost less than $ 100 a night

This is the season to spend a lot of quality time with your friends and family. So, why not spend this time in a unique and affordable Airbnb here in Hub City?

Lubbock is full of great Airbnb rentals that have amazing reviews, and it’s especially easy to find a great stay at a really low price. For just $ 100 per night, you can rent a comfortable home for yourself and your family. Especially as Christmas approaches, these could be a perfect option for your family to stay in town without overcrowding your own home.

Here are 5 unique Lubbock Airbnb rentals that you can acquire for under $ 100 per night.

5 unique Airbnb stays in Lubbock that cost less than $ 100 a night

Here are 5 Airbnb rentals available in Lubbock, Texas for under $ 100 a night. These rentals range from studios that can accommodate two or three people, to houses that can accommodate five people with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

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