50 Fabulous Family Vacations for 2023

What does summer vacation mean to you? For me they have always been linked to the beach, be it the rugged Cornish coast or a sleepy Mediterranean island.

But after the seismic events of the past few years, what many of us want from a family vacation is changing. Summer 2023 marks a full return to unrestricted long-haul travel, and with the wings clipped in recent summers, some families are looking to splurge on epic adventures.

Meanwhile, for most of us, 2023 is a year where value matters more than ever as the cost of living continues to rise. Research from Booking.com reveals that we’re finding clever ways to get more miles for our money, rather than foregoing vacations altogether. Nearly half of respondents said they plan to opt for one or two longer trips rather than several short breaks this year, and seek out low-key destinations where prices are lower – the beaches of Galicia rather than ‘Ibiza, for example, or Turkey. Riviera instead of that of Italy.

Whatever our budget, there is a palpable sense of wanting to enjoy our precious vacations together, learn new skills and seek out engaging experiences. As the mother of an eight-year-old, I’ve learned that these strange little humans can become obsessed with trainspotters about almost anything: football, llamas, cheese, Detroit techno, buses, lava, dinosaurs, pirates, Pokemon, sports cars, ninjas… The new generation of adventure circuits brings all these interests to life and gives them an education they can’t get in the classroom – expanding their horizons and stunning them with innovative and immersive experiences.

Then there is our collective craving for rural and wild escapes. In a recent survey, Skyscanner identified wildlife viewing and hiking as two of the top three travel activities planned for the holidays. And we are more than ever to want to see the world in a more thoughtful way. It could be traveling on two wheels, staying at local agritourisms, helping with conservation efforts, or exploring little-visited niches of the world.

The possibilities are limitless. If that sounds a little overwhelming, here are 50 ideas to inspire, for every budget – whether you’re looking for intrepid adventures in destinations you can’t pronounce, or just a dreamy Mediterranean island you haven’t raced to yet. barefoot.

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