A Bunch Of ‘M3GAN’ Dolls Plant A Game Of Chargers For A ‘Smile’-Esque Marketing Stunt

Horror movie distributors are starting to make a habit of playing sports games with a bit of off-putting guerrilla marketing lately, and Universal’s next scary doll movie M3GAN adopted the same tactic during the Los Angeles Chargers game last night.

The film’s Twitter account (which is naturally “written” by the titular doll herself) shared some of the highlights from the big night she and her band of fellow M3GANs had at last night’s game. . The dolls made their arrival to the game known, descending from the escalators in the stadium in an all too orderly fashion:

We don’t know if the latest M3GAN was meant to take a peek at the camera barrel, but kudos if that was intentional considering all the “rogue AI” shtick the movie is aiming for.

Anyway, the merry group of M3GAN spent their time at the game finding a few people to protect, they crashed on the field for a halftime dance number, and otherwise, they just passed the rest of the game to blend in with the crowd:

This whole guerrilla marketing stunt is somewhat reminiscent of the move Paramount made when promoting Smile before its theatrical release, with a number of weird looking people staring at the stadium camera barrels with his signature smile on their faces without any kind of context.

While this approach is slightly less subtle and perhaps a bit more fun than weird, it certainly caught the eye. The good news is that we will soon see M3GAN on the big screen, the first major horror film of the year will hit theaters on January 6, 2023.

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