A dozen great gifts for chefs

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could downright spoil your passionate and favorite home cook this holiday season, without worrying about the cost? Delight them with a stand mixer they’ve coveted for ages? Surprise them with an inimitable Vitamix blender? Wow them with a new premium grill? Well, if you ever had to make it big with a holiday gift, this would be the year to make it. (Something tells us this holiday season is going to be more festive than ever!) To affirm at the register.

Affirm is a leading buy it now and pay over time solution that never charges late fees. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll be paying up front, and you’ll get a clear and convenient payment schedule that’s right for you (see footer for details). All of this means that you can choose a magical gift that is sure to wow a loved one. and adapted to your vacation budget. Learn more about how Affirm works, then go shopping. This list, featuring 12 of the year’s most popular gifts, is a great place to start.

($ 549.99); With Affirm, as low as $ 50 / month at KitchenAid

Kitchenaid Light Affirm
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A KitchenAid stand mixer is the epitome of domesticity. He often sits at the top of wish lists for years and years, but you can help someone cross him off that list. The 5 Quart Craftsman is the best model for most home cooks, and although it’s available in over a dozen colors, this new, limited-edition option is sure to work in any kitchen. . It features a matte sand-colored body and comes with a three-dimensional black studded bowl. It’s stylish with a capital S.

($ 549.99); With Affirm, as low as $ 50 / month at KitchenAid

Espresso machine
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The cool folks at KitchenAid have been busy this year – they’ve also added a bunch of coffee equipment to their lineup. This new machine has two temperature sensors, heats the water in less than 45 seconds and has 15 bar of pressure, which allows it to reliably shoot (with a rich and thick cream) repeatedly. In addition, the programmable milk frother allows your loved one to prepare lattes and cappuccinos as well.

($ 249.95); With Affirm, as low as $ 24 / month at Walmart

Cuisinart Affirms
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This powerful Cuisinart workhorse consistently wins top honors every time food publishers test food processors. As the name suggests, it can handle up to 14 cups of food, effortlessly breaking down onions, celery, carrots, and more. It features a 720-watt motor, durable stainless steel blade, oversized power tube, and ridiculously simple two-button control panel.

($ 163); With Affirm, as low as $ 15 / month at Walmart

Ninja Air Fryer
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Are you shopping for someone who was hesitant about whether or not to buy an air fryer? Help them out of the fence… and out the side with better mozzarella sticks and perfectly crispy Brussels sprouts. This 5.5 quart Ninja holds up to three pounds of fries or chicken wings, heats up to 450 degrees, includes a grill, and cooks food even faster than other air fryers on the market.

($ 280); With Affirm, as low as $ 26 / month at Walmart

Breville hot oven
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Giving someone a full-fledged oven probably isn’t in the cards, but this countertop convection option is certainly reasonable – and it’s just as functional. It’s perfect for baking pizzas and cookies and can even roast a whole chicken. It has 10 cooking functions (broil, bake, roast, broil, reheat, etc.) and has a smart heating element that ensures even cooking every time.

($ 499.99); With Affirm, as low as $ 42 / month at iRobot

iRobot Roomba from Affirm
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Any home cook worth their salt (or pepper!) Knows that shutting down the kitchen every night is an integral part of cooking. Give them that Wi-Fi connected vacuum to manipulate the floors while they do other things (like watching that new baking show).

($ 1999.99); With Affirm, as low as $ 125 / month at Traeger

Traeger Grill Affirm
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If your favorite grill master has worked with substandard equipment, now is the time to help them level up. Enter: the Traeger Timberline 850. It features a digital display that makes setting the temperature of the grill as easy as turning on an oven. It also features 869 square inches of cooking space, a sensor that allows grills to monitor their pellet levels from anywhere using an app, Super Smoke mode, and more. .

($ 429.99); With Affirm, as low as $ 39 per month at Traeger

Traeger Ranger Affirm
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Fancy giving something a little more… portable? The Ranger can be used on the bed of a truck, set up at a campsite, or brought to an Airbnb with questionable accommodations. It looks tiny, but has 184 square inches of cooking space, which means it can hold up to six burgers at a time. It also allows precise temperature control and has a super cool keep warm mode.

($ 370); With Affirm, as low as $ 34 / mo at Williams Sonoma

Staub casserole
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There are two big names in enameled cast iron: Le Creuset and Staub. You can’t go wrong with either one when choosing a special gift. For more advanced cooks we name Staub. The interior is matte black which is less likely to stain than a lighter interior and browns meat well. The lid has small tips that collect and return evaporated juices to the food for moist, tender results. Go for the 5.5 quart size, as it will be large enough to accommodate most recipes.

($ 599.95); With Affirm, as low as $ 55 / mo at Williams Sonoma

Vitamix Blender
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Ask any professional chef to name the best blender you can buy and almost everyone will name Vitamix. Which Vitamix to choose from the fairly wide range of offers? Flavor Editors having named the Ascent A3500 series mixer, the one with the “best bells and whistles”. It has a top notch motor, which you would expect from Vitamix, and preset functions for smoothies, hot soup, nut butter, and more. The base is also compatible with the semi-new from Vitamix Food processor accessory, if you are looking to make this great gift even better.

($ 259.95); With Affirm, as low as $ 23 / mo at Williams Sonoma

Aarke Carbonator
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Presentation: the prettiest seltzer machine you have ever seen. Available in six different finishes (copper is particularly striking), this carbonator turns tap water into sparkling water in seconds, without any electricity. Get this for anyone who is already obsessed with La Croix.

($ 464.99); With Affirm, as low as $ 42 / month at Bissell

Bissell Affirm
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While this Wet Dry Vac has been technically designed to clean pet hair, it’s also great for removing dried spills and picking up crumbs. It even has LED headlights to light the way after dinner. Dual tank technology separates clean and dirty water. And because it’s so compact, it’s easy to remove when needed. It’s the perfect gift for any home cook who hates to mop.

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