A Relaxing Glamping Getaway at Enchanted Oaks Farm and Lakehouse

Living in Central Florida means being surrounded by endless destinations that offer the relaxation of a getaway, without having to travel very far. One of these destinations is Enchanted Oaks Lake Farm and House in Ocala. This family farm was originally a wedding venue and has grown to offer several Airbnbs for an Instagram-worthy getaway.

Enchanted Oaks is ideal for couples looking for a rustic and charming destination. In my case, it gave me exactly what I needed: a quiet but accessible place to escape for the night. And the possibility of recharging myself in a place built around quiet comfort gave me the boost I needed to reconnect with myself and thus reconnect with my husband.

Here’s what you need to know to book a getaway to Enchanted Oaks Farm. I have also included activities nearby to extend your romantic getaway.

Location of the enchanted oaks farm

I discovered Enchanted Oaks for the first time through Instagram; the photos looked like a dream. Soon I was in love scrolling through their Instagram feed. The word “enchanted” certainly corresponded to what I saw.

Ocala is an area that you have probably traveled before but maybe not yet explored. But there is plenty to do in Horse Country, including the Ocala National Forest and a charming historic town center. Enchanted Oaks is a pleasant base for a weekend getaway to Ocala.

I had imagined that Enchanted Oaks would be located more in the heart of Ocala. Instead, it’s right off I-75, about an hour and ten minutes from Orlando.

Arrival at Enchanted Oaks Farm

Accommodation at Enchanted Oaks Farm

Enchanted Oaks Farm is best known for its unique tiny accommodations. These tiny triangular glamping units are adorable and immediately grab your attention.

At first I thought they were like tiny houses, but they are even smaller. They are actually tent-like structures made of wood and other materials. They are study units, with adorable decorations, the size of a large tent.

Each small unit has a comfortable bed, soft lighting and some storage space.

tiny cabins at Enchanted Oaks Farm
Some of the small cabins at Enchanted Oaks Farm

Besides the precious tiny units, there is a larger guesthouse with a one-bedroom apartment on the top floor and a two-bedroom apartment on the ground floor. The other farmhouse on the property is the owner’s house.

No matter how hard I tried to book a small unit for my overnight getaway, everything was booked every time I looked. Then out of the blue, a few nights in the one bedroom apartment on the top floor became available. I went there.

In the end, the upstairs apartment was the perfect space for my needs. It has a bedroom, a private bathroom, a nice open concept living room, a kitchen and a dining area. Best part of all? No television! I wanted a night to read and think, and without the television I was able to avoid the distraction and focus on a calm, restful night.

You can browse and book all accommodations through Airbnb.

Entrance to the guest house

What to expect during your stay

To stay at Enchanted Oaks is to step away from the norm and get a taste of rustic farmhouse life. Arriving at Enchanted Oaks Farm, I immediately realized that the place is much more rustic than the impression Instagram gave. The grounds are not as pristine as I expected, however, it was just as charming as I expected.

A winding dirt road winds through the 8.5 acre farm. The acreage isn’t that big for a farm, but it’s just the right size to serve as a wedding venue and Airbnb location.

Almost immediately upon entering the farm grounds, I noticed the Little Treehouse and Little Lake House, both subject to lots of photos. These two small units are quite unique and offer incredible photo opportunities. They are both located at the front of the farm land, about a five minute walk from the showers and toilets.

The Tiny Lakehouse unit

Small cabin units are indeed for camping, although glamping. There are two outdoor showers, with hidden doors for privacy, and a toilet which is used by anyone staying in one of the smaller units. Expect a similar experience of camping at a campsite. Some of the smaller units have air conditioning, as well as a side that opens fully to allow fresh air to enter. I would suggest staying here in the fall, until early spring.

The guest house is located right next to the wedding venue. When I arrived there was a casual wedding party. And I could clearly hear the activity in the apartment. I could also hear the activity of the guests in the downstairs unit. Still, I let myself be absorbed by my reading and the relaxing atmosphere of the farm.

Things to do on the farm

Upon arriving, I stopped to take pictures of the resident animals on the farm. A trio of little cows greeted me at the front. Near the back of the farm, a small horse, a Shetland pony, a few small goats, a zebra and a wallaby (!) Were waiting for the salutes. Animals cannot be fed by guests, but you can reach out, gently, for sniffs and gentle animals. Just know that you take all the risk, animals have their own behaviors after all.

Say hello to resident animals on the farm

There are also several common areas around the farm with tables and chairs, a community barbecue, and a community fire pit.

After having toured the gardens, I settled in for the night. A gentle rain has started to crackle on the pretty skylights which bring natural light into each room. I played soft, meditative music as I snuggled up on the sectional sofa. I could even spot the resident zebra about 300 feet away.

In the morning, I made coffee while the three little goats greeted the day. Soon I made my way to the balcony, gazing out over the farmyard as the morning sun cast a golden light. I decided to say hello to my neighbors, the zebra, the goats and the wallaby. What a great way to start the day.

Before packing, I spent a little more time enjoying the quiet living room, sitting down and reading. I imagined what it would be like to spend a few more nights retreating into this space.

On the way back, I chose to take the scenic route. It took two hours, rather than one, but took me through charming little towns and the natural beauty of Florida.

There are several common areas around the farm to relax

Nearby activities

Enchanted Oaks Farm is located just off I-75 and SW Highway 484. It’s easy to get to, but there are no attractions or activities in the immediate vicinity. You come here to get away from it all, without having to stray too far from home.


Ocala is the land of the horse. If you want to explore a few horse farms, you’ll be spoiled for choice. I would also highly recommend going through at least part of the Ocala National Forest.

More things to do:

  • Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing (10 min)
  • Florida Equestrian Park (20 min)
  • Ocala city center (25 min)
  • Zipline and Canyons Adventure Park (30 min)
  • Ocala Drive In (30 min)
  • Ocala National Forest (30 min)
  • Paradise springs (30 min)
  • World Equine Center (30 min)
  • Hitts Horse Racing (40 min)

Our Unique Ideas for a Day Trip to Ocala guide has more ideas to explore.

Zipline in Central Florida at Zip The Canyons
Image credit: Zip the Canyons

Natural sources

These nearby springs (some have tubes!) And natural wonders are worth adding to your getaway:

  • Rainbow springs (40 min)
  • Silver Springs (40 min)
  • Glen d’Argent (50 min)
  • The Devils’ Den (52 min)
  • Crystal River (54 min)
  • Spring of the 3 Sisters (59 min)
  • Juniper Springs (1 hr)
  • Ginnie Springs (1h23)
Rainbow River Tubes | Image credit: Stéphanie Patterson


Most of the restaurants nearby are fast food and fast food chains. If you’re looking for a more authentic dining experience, there are a few options about a 30-minute drive away.

I haven’t had a chance to try any of the nearby restaurants, but these are on my list to visit someday:

Swampy's Bar and Grill Dunnellon
Swampy’s Bar and Grill in Dunnellon | Image credit: Stéphanie Patterson

Know before you go

A night or two at Enchanted Oaks Farm is plenty of time for you and your honey to relax and unwind.

The road to the farm is a bit rough. Be on the lookout for potholes and take it a bit slow.

If you are booking a small unit, keep in mind that you are essentially camping. There are no food preparation or storage facilities in your small unit. If you need to bring perishables, you will need to bring a cooler. There is a community barbecue available and a fire pit area.

The guesthouse I stayed in was lovely but in need of an exterior cleaning. The interior was very clean and comfortable.

Most of the dreamlike photos you’ll find on the farm’s Instagram feed are the result of guests who booked a local photographer. You can find these photographers via the Enchanted Oaks Instagram feed or contact the hosts to connect.

Enchanted Oaks Farm and Lakehouse is located at 889 SW 165th St, Ocala, FL 34473.

All photos by Dani Meyering unless otherwise noted

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