A TikToker booked a romantic Airbnb in Bali and it turned out to be a nightmarish ‘ghost’ villa

What you see isn’t always what you get.

TikTok users are reeling from a woman’s nightmare on Airbnb after she booked a “glamorous” villa in Bali who turned out to be an abandoned “haunted house.

Bree Robertson, a woman from New Zealand, shared her experience with the bizarre booking last month, and the video has since racked up more than 4.7 million views on TikTok.

She says she booked the place because she wanted a “glamorous Airbnb” to celebrate her month-long birthday with her partner on the Indonesian island.

According to Robertson, the listing promised an infinity pool, an on-site restaurant, and rainforest views.

The restaurant was closed, the windows broken and the swimming pool filled with algae.

The abandoned villa had cost him 80 US dollars, and they didn’t even sleep there. The couple have booked another listing in Ubud.

“All we could do was laugh. We were so exhausted and so tired. It was the perfect end to a lousy day,” Robertson said. Initiated.

“When you book an Airbnb in Bali and it’s an abandoned building…windows broken…no one home,” the voiceover says in her now-viral TikTok video.

And just when you think her day couldn’t get any worse, it started to rain and they had no sleeping bags, she added in the comments to her video.

TikTok users have been wondering about his choice of stay.

“You just booked without communicating with the host?” said one commenter, to which Robertson replied, “Ahaha, that’s usually how Airbnb works.”

Another user poked fun at her situation, saying, “At least you can stay as long as you want I guess.”

Other users have started sharing similar experiences with Airbnbs in Indonesia. A TikToker said he “always asks for live video to see the current status.” Some have warned that the pandemic has affected many hotels and stays on the island.

Airbnb has now taken down the listing since it was flagged by Robertson. The couple also received a refund from the company, according to a spokesperson.

“We were disappointed to learn of this experience and provided our support to the guest at the time, including a full refund,” an Airbnb representative said. Initiated. “We hold hosts to high standards and the listing is no longer on the platform.”

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