Abortion laws: Women on TikTok offer people with wombs a safe place to stay where abortion is legal if they need it

Sometimes in the darkest times we see the best in people, and never has that been more necessary than in the current abortion “debate” about Roe vs. Wade. The Supreme Court (the highest court in the United States, now filled with conservative justices appointed by Trump) is currently deliberating on a Mississippi abortion law it could ultimately decide the future of Roe v Wade, the 1973 court case that officially enshrined legal abortion in law. According to a recent study by Guttmacher Institutethis could mean that 26 states are certain or likely to ban abortion (or at least make sweeping changes to its availability).

Concretely, this means that those who have a uterus will no longer have autonomy over their own bodies and will be forced to resort to “clandestine” abortions which put their mental health, their body and their life in danger. Rightly so, the prospect of a widespread ban on abortion has caused outcry, with many taking to social media to express their contempt for the current situation. The problem is, it can be all too easy to feel utterly helpless in a situation like this, or to feel like no matter how loudly you raise your voice, you can’t have any difference. ‘impact.

However, TikTok users are proving exactly how you can stand up and support those with wombs seeking abortions, by sharing videos offering “safe spaces” for those in states with this type of disruption. pregnancy may no longer be legal.

One such video, uploaded by user @seaweedsiren, read, “To all my neighbors with a womb in the US. I’m an hour and a half from Toronto at Cottage Country. If you need to go to the “cottage”, I’m here. We bathed and drank wine,” with the caption simply containing the hashtags: #ifwegodownthenwegodowntogether #handsoff #mybodymychoice #never alone #womensupportingwomen

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And it doesn’t take much research to find other users offering the same support to those in need. Creator @camillalor, who has nearly a million followers on TikTok, shared a video asking people to “comment” if “you live in a country where ab0rt! 0n [sic] is legal and are willing to house a person whose uterus needs health care.

The text, which ends with “take your laws away from our body”, is looping on a static image and has already received more than 13,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments. “Norway, Tønsberg, we have a spare car and room and will be happy to pick you up and drive you anywhere and everywhere,” one user replied, while another wrote: “Country of Wales, we have comfy beds, we have plenty of tea, we’ll have a takeaway, you can sleep all day and you can choose what we watch on TV.”

“Canada, right next to the US border of malone, plus I go to mtl every day, so I can totally drive someone to a ‘camping’ site🇨🇦🇨🇦 I have airbnb too!” added one, as one healthcare worker put it: “Canadian nurse near the border…my door is open forever 🥰.”

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