Adrien Laurent robbed by Maya Niiya? He reacts to the rumor!

For those who would have missed this episode, a little topo is essential. The weekend of September 11, 2021, Adrien Laurent went to Belgium to attend the showcase of rapper Booba. On site, Adrien Laurent was notably able to find Maya Niiya. After a crazy evening, Adrien Laurent and his friends went to their Airbnb apartment to sleep. Except that during their sleep, the boys were robbed. Particularly shocked, Adrien Laurent had spoken about this: ” I just woke up. I arrive with the Louis Vuitton bag that I put in my story yesterday and I’m going back to Paris with a plastic bag! Burglars came in while we were sleeping. I didn’t hear anything, it’s amazing! They stole the three bags, the pair of Versace, a handbag,… Well Belgium! While I was asleep, they came back to the room and they went all out!.

Subsequently, the Instagram account TMZ France had carried out its investigation, and had affirmed that it was quite possible that the culprit was Maya Niiya: Coincidentally, Maya Niiya, who sticks out all the fanatic reality show contestants as she was present that night. Loubna [son vrai prénom, NDLR] has elders in this stuff. Everyone in Brussels knows that. (…) She’s a go giver! When she finishes the evening with guys, she throws all the information to her friend who has a gang that specializes in burglary. Sometimes, she encourages girls she brought back to steal or she steals herself ”.

Adrien Laurent reacts to the rumor

During his recent stint at Sam zirah, Adrien Laurent was questioned about this famous burglary. As well as the rumor that Maya Niiya is involved. The candidate confided that he does not think it is Maya Niiya. Although he was warned about it. The young woman would have assured Adrien Laurent not to be involved. Adrien Laurent also added that this apartment is the constant target of burglaries. In addition, the culprit could be anyone, since he would have given the address of his domicile to a good number of girls. The investigation is therefore not clearer more than that decidedly.

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