AIRBBUST? Nope! Thousands of people are breaking down doors to stay in this one

ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 3, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — During what market analysts are calling the “AirBnBust,” at least one savvy host has found a way to thrive. As thousands of AirBnB owners lament losses and consider selling their properties, Orlando Area Luxury Rentals’ “Great Escape Parkside” is already 86% sold for 2023. In fact, this gaming-themed AirBnB has now a waiting list for June and July.

Photo caption: The Parkside AirBnB Great Escape.

How is success possible in what analysts predict will be the worst year in history for many AirBnB hosts?

Owned by designer Andrew Greenstein, The Great Escape Parkside, which seats 54 (but regularly hosts groups of just 20-30), specializes in family reunions and corporate retreats. Greenstein’s “Playhouse” redefines the “AirBnB” concept by offering not just a place to sleep, but rather a resort-like vacation “experience.” The proud owner of the home says many of his guests come to Central Florida just to check out this property and not do anything else locally while they visit.

The success of this 10-acre gated mansion has captured global media attention for the past few years. Its gigantic pool complex includes the world’s only pool table pool (yes, a “pool pool”). A super-fast waterslide plunges swimmers toward a mosaic “white ball” while a theme-park-worthy lazy river winds around the set. Behind the swimming pool “pool” is a 12 foot high inflatable “soccer dartboard”. Next to that is “Human Whack-a-mole”. Oh, and there’s a half-court basketball court, an inflatable football pool table and a gigantic custom-designed “Never Be BOARD Game” in the back too!

Inside, there are not one but two fully immersive escape experiences themed around popular games like CLUE and RISK. There are multiple arcades and even a mid-carnival “tent” area featuring a skeeball machine and hammer blow. Not to be outdone, there’s also a real high-tech laser maze chamber and, of course, a karaoke sound stage and movie theater too.

Great Escape Parkside isn’t Greenstein’s only unique AirBnB-style property. He owns 4 of these themed giants and helped design and list a 5th. Everyone’s calendar is quickly filling up for 2023 despite analysts’ grim and dire reports of the impending “AirBnBUST.”

But Greenstein says there’s “more to his secret sauce” than just unique house concepts. “Part of it,” he divulges, is “just good old-fashioned customer service.”

While AirBnB is sometimes known for its impersonal hosts, unavailable property managers and high prices, Greenstein prides itself on providing guests with what he calls a “6-star experience” from the moment they contact his team for the first time. times to checkout and beyond. Their response time to all questions is lightning fast and extremely pleasant.

They go out of their way to make every family feel special, and all Greenstein employees know how to “spare no expense” and “do whatever it takes” to ensure guests are not only happy, but “blown away.”

As a result, Greenstein has built a huge customer database with tremendous goodwill and repeat business. “This,” he says with the smile of a child who has just won his favorite board game, “is our security. built our own audience and brand loyalty.

Indeed, the Great Escape Parkside has gained almost 300,000 loyal Facebook followers while most AirBnB operators wonder if social media is worth it. Essentially, it’s an AirBnB that has transcended AirBnB.

Having trouble with your rental during the “bust?” Greenstein’s example proves that with the right attitude, there is hope.

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Photo caption: The Parkside AirBnB Great Escape.

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