Airbnb: America’s Most Unique Places to Stay

People like to sleep in unusual places.

This is what Airbnb learned from a recent poll, who found that when it comes to planning a trip, 7 out of 10 users of the company’s website like to filter out unique stays. The company also said that so far in 2021, the number of unique home searches on Airbnb has increased by 94% compared to the same period in 2019.

Specifically, searches for unique homes like yurts, huts, barns and houseboats saw an increase of over 1000% in March 2021 compared to searches in March 2019, Airbnb reported.

With this information, Airbnb rounded up 16 unique roadside stays in the United States to help encourage last-minute getaways in late summer – and a place in Utah made the cut.

Airbnb highlighted the Bedrock Homestead Grand Staircase Escalante in Boulder, Garfield County, minutes from Calf Creek Falls and about an hour’s drive from Capitol Reef National Park. The farm is located in a cave located on a working farm, according to AirBnb website. To access the cave house – which sleeps six and includes a kitchen and private bathroom – you have to walk 300 meters across a river.

In addition to sleeping in the cave, visitors can also walk to the top of the cave to admire the night sky or sunrise, according to Airbnb. website.

Other unique stays that have made The Airbnb list include the Big Idaho Potato Hotel in Boise; a converted train car from WWII in Maryville, Tennessee; and a domed house in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

This isn’t the first time Utah has been on Airbnb lists. Earlier this year, the small town of Orderville was No. 6 on Airbnb’s list of the most popular destinations in the United States, the Deseret News reported. A tree house in Park City also claimed the top spot in the company’s most unique locations, according to Deseret News.

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