Airbnb co-founder Samara’s new company urges you to stay in tiny homes

In a world riddled with climate change concerns, the tiny homes movement appears to be the future of sustainable living. So what is a Tiny House? They are often houses on wheels with no more than 500 square feet of space. It’s a cozy little abode that’s perfect for just two people. Joe Gebbia, the co-founder of Airbnb has launched a new company, Samara, which encourages you to stay in tiny homes. Here’s all about it.

Tiny houses allow you to reduce your carbon footprint

The benefits of embracing the tiny house movement as part of your lifestyle are endless. For starters, staying in a smaller home would cause you to use fewer resources and reduce your carbon footprint. So you’ll consume less food, generate less waste and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in your house on wheels.

Photo credits: Samara/ Website

Moreover, studies have shown that people living in tiny houses even generate 2595 kg less carbon dioxide than those living in ordinary houses. Isn’t it amazing?

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Samara offers charming little houses perfect for your garden

According to the Wall Street Journal, Americans can buy small, factory-built homes in Samara. Homes are as small as 150 square feet. With America facing a housing crisis, tiny homes are finally really paying off. The lowest model “Backyard” costs $289,000 (₹2.36 crore). In addition, the price also includes the amount for obtaining permits and even the installation of solar panels on the roof.

little samara houses

Photo credits: Samara/ Website

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Amenities in Samara Tiny Houses

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Combined washer and dryer
  • Italian shower
  • Built-in storage
  • Layout of the studios

So Samara asks if you have a tiny garden, so why not make the most of it? Well, tell us what you think about living in tiny houses. Would you opt for this for a sustainable future?

Cover image courtesy: Photo credits: Samara/ Website and @meetsamara/ Instagram

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