Airbnb co-founder says every host should have this article handy

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Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky didn’t necessarily set out to create one of the world’s most ubiquitous brands; it just happened. What started as an airbed on the floor of Chesky’s San Francisco apartment is now one of the biggest (if not the larger) destinations for all trips. A self-described disruptive kid who has always been a bit of a rebel, Chesky credits his forward-thinking approach to design, putting creativity at the center of everything he does, to his success.

“When I was at RISD, everyone was like, how do you get designers into the boardroom? And, I thought, why can’t designers just run the boardroom? -being what made me a rebel, a rebel designer who had the audacity to think he could run the show rather than just be part of the show,” the Rhode Island School of Design graduate shares with Domino’s deputy editor. Julie Vadnal in the last episode of Design Time: The Rebels (Available on Spotify and Apple podcast).

In the episode, Chesky shares what he looks for in an Airbnb, why he loves a good theme (he stayed in a fairytale cottage and thoroughly enjoyed it), and why he’ll never paint a wall again. in red. But first, he’s playing our game of Never Have I Ever.

I have never…built a terrarium.

I have. We have Airbnb experiences and I took a terrarium class. It didn’t look so good. It was like elementary school when you do an art class and it doesn’t look like the teacher’s.

Never have I ever… broken something in an Airbnb.

Well, I’ve never broken anything, but I’m not saying any member of my family hasn’t.

Never have I ever… painted an accent wall.

Oh, that’s awful. When I was in LA, I was 23 and living with three other guys. And I decided to paint all the walls red in the living room. I thought that was really cool. I went to a bar once, and all the walls were red and lit up, and I thought, this is really fun. The thing about red is that it gets your heart rate up. So yeah, it’s a bit intense and there’s a reason most parts aren’t bright red.

Never have I ever… dated someone for their apartment.

I do not have. Why should I do it? I have Airbnb.

Never have I ever…decorated with sports memorabilia.

Growing up, every square inch of my wall was filled with cutouts of Illustrated Sports. I was very athletic like a lot of boys in upstate New York. I never – growing up – had a wall not covered in sports memorabilia.

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